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SaDiCi - The Motive lyrics

Money the motive, and the green is on my mind
And my flow is the coldest, I'm steady on my grind
Stressing all the time
I'm tryna k** it now, and I'm in the heavens
So the limit ain't the sky
Rhymes so deep, it could be its own religion
Waiting on me, like when I'm gonna be winning
Hardly smoke weed, but I'm high when I'm thinking
Gotta get green, no thoughts i ain't blinking
They sleeping, but tweeting, bout a nice life and thangs
They drinking, but thinking, they'll buy thangs with change
Its seeming, they dreaming, better think it again
It don't come that easy, like how you think
Im tryna set a bar
The greatest you ever saw
They know that i k** em all
Before i pa** away
Hell yeah, i gotta ball
I'm back as the underdog
Better know that I'm the one
Never am i under ya'll
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Man I'm just dreaming
Matte black car, b**h I'm on Beamers
Blowing money fast, fill 20's in bag
Just to cops sneakers
Fresh t-shirts, paychecks is gone in a day now
No balance in the bank, its a shame that I'm paid now
Spending all this little money, is just played out
Life like an outro, everyone will fade out
Careless spending, when you get it
We buy it for the name, the rich buy for it stitching
Buying it if its trending, as long as they sell it
Dressing down fly to get everybody jealous
Showcase the logo that goes along with the slogan
Let em know what it is, make sure the name is showing
Get it on the front of your shirt, so its focused
Not giving second thoughts to those who can't afford it
That's just a flaw, i feel ashamed, but hey
Even if rains its a blessing disguises
I wanna get away
From the problems and stress of today
And I try to do my best, but i pray, that it can be that way

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