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SaDiCi - Tell You Why lyrics

[Verse 1]
Nobody perfect, but we try to be
Cuz the television tells us otherwise
Knowing goddamn there's no possibility
Hate our bodies and we wanna be another size
I thought beauty was different, its uniqueness to me
They call it a cover-up, it hides the real you underneath
If i find the one for me, its ironic
Cuz then im being awaken by the girl of my dreams
You see, no tats or chains, remaining the same
Cuz change, that's what media does
Feeding us images of models
So these women don't eat as much
You don't look like the TV stars we seeing
And you don't want to, that's the reason

She said, i got hope
You should believe too
If it was anybody it would be you
It would be you, It would be you, you, you

[Verse 2]
Your mind may be tainted by the things that you see
Still never changing, the guys tryna chase ya
But your mind is higher than that
Than posting a picture to get a vibe when in cla**
While other girls follow routine
You using your time, cuz you following dreams
Tryna be beyond, what they thought you could be
Right from the start, its your heart and it speaks
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Standing apart, but its hard when you leave
Only god can judge ya, you don't mind if they criticize
Even if they being blunt
If you don't pay attention, you be getting high
They looking like the chicks, that might get the hollas
You looking like a dime, that's why you thinking dollars
Thinking college, kicking knowledge
Bigger pockets, investments turn to profits
That's why you popping, that's why i


[Verse 3]
Intelligent, she don't play no games
The guys try to hit on that, but they won't gain no words
She move on, she know how it works
She walking, everybody stares
She talking, everybody cares
She ain't gotta do nothing, already there
Tryna get the opportunity, to be her pair
The thing is, she carry on, cuz god knows
She got dreams, she got goals
No distractions, not not her
Everything i could ever be looking for, shes a lot more
Gotta make a move, gotta make a move
But when i do, she just brush me off
Says that its for the best of us
I'm tryna make it here, she tryna make there
She said, she got hope i should believe too
If it was anybody it would be you
It would be you, it would be you

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