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SaDiCi - Hoop Dreams lyrics

They say its only one shot
They say its only one shot
But i must of sunk a thousand in
Play until i give up
Till i feel powerless
All these swishes that im getting in
For the people that just doubted it
I swear I'mma make it, just so then
I can smile to the people that said I won't amount to sh**
Air Jordans what I'm wearing now
Tearing out my hair
It's scary when my your grades are down
They don't understand it how
I'd rather be more than a routine that I'm expected follow
But my dreams seeming hollow, will i make it by tomorrow?
Only god knows
5 am i hit the courts, at 9 i got the school to go
Dedication flowing through my veins, get the ball and dribble slow
This is my moment, my mind drifts
Game shot boy, 3 seconds is you gon' miss?
It's your time, your time to show them
If you sink it in, you win it then the game is yours
Forever that's a legacy they'll know you for
That ring, that record, one shot, it can all be yours
2 seconds and you let it go
You let it go, you let it go, Right when it gets near
Your dribbling in the gym, Cuz your still right here

They say its only one shot
They say its only one shot
Hoop dreams
Hoop dreams, dreams

Don't treat your dreams as a hobby but rather a future-career
Feel the opportunity, its approaching you near
Times is hard, saying "what if" is the only thing you fear
The struggle doesn't stop, it only gets higher
Gotta little job for the summer, then you fired
Every time you go on the net, your inspired
And you praying someday, your number on the jersey is retired
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You tryna not destroy them Jordans
Low income, that must a cost a fortune
You wonder how much he makes from endorsements
You wanna get your line of shoe, that slogan
If you ever get noticed
Cuz you know it, you know your the best on the court
They tell you to work and you will get it, but you getting no support
Your city is not meant to succeed in the sport
And your thinking you might be the change and the hope
The pain all just grows, and your shooting that basket
You stand all alone, and its raining some more
You been out here all day with a goal
That you won't settle until the day that your making the pros
You won't settle until the day that your making the pros

Nobody tell me different, I'm strong yeah
All i gotta do is be seen, get a contract
Put me in the gym, show me where the ball at
Looking at the game, at everybody like ya'll whack
This ain't a game, man up if you lost that
Dunking on anybody in my way, better fall back
Better fall back, tryna get to that pedestal
Incredible, men lie, women lie, but numbers don't
Remaining relevant, I'm telling them
It's evident, every time i put on a show
I'm so determined, so much effort
Im just praying that its working
Better than anybody at my age, remaining by today
If i fall off, it'll be with style like Jordan in '88
Opening these lanes, The crowd cheering my name
When i win that championship, and that ring is on my hand
Understand the grind and the pain
The sacrifices, to get where you wanna go
And pa** the nicest, players to ever play the game
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James
That's your idols, but you wanna be better when you go play
You wanna be better when you go play
You wanna be better when you go play

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