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SaDiCi - Hold On lyrics

[Verse 1]
So many things, that my eyes have seen
Can't even tell you where I have been
I think so slowly, keep on smoking
Even tho the weed i have quit
But the pain is here
Tryna paint it clear
My thoughts get lose with the pen
I'm losing my friends, I Hate this fear
I ain't really no how i can proceed
Know in my mind can't follow routine
Closet friends, recording with
We said that we gonna follow these dreams
Maybe if he hadn't been hooked
He wouldn't lose his aim right now
Maybe if he hadn't been hooked
He woulda k**ed the game right now
Yeah no doubt, k** the game
He wanted smoke, to k** the pain
I wanted to smoke
I thought that woulda made me dope, i should think again
Damn, think about the times i saw him have the pills
Think i coulda tried to make him stop, but it happened still
Damn, no rewind button
Damn, the time running
More than a friend, like my cousin
Thank god that he ain't die or nothing

[Hook x2]
Don't Slip..
Trust me, don't fall
Just get a..get a grip
Hey homie just hold on

[Verse 2]
Anything i do gets criticized
I don't pay no mind, i be up on it
Pointing out mistakes, like every time
And every time, my name up on it
So much pressure, made it out hell
For me to live well and happy now
For me to be something of some status now
To deal with the stress of my parents
I might just burn me spliff up
Balance of school and music
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Add that on to my plate, id give up
I Stayed up all night stressing
They tell me i should quit it just move on
But man, my pen is treasures
Got me thinking bout new songs
Everyday they gotta ask it
What is my program, what is my pa**ion?
What if i said no program
I dun wanna attend my cla**es
I just wanna chase my pa**ion
My worst fear, is not to die
But live my life with regrets
Failure on my mind
But I'd rather fail then to never try, and yet
They wanna tell me, to stop it
But i can't drop it
If i don't do this music
Thoughts are gonna be a problem, problem, problem
Right now, i wanna be alone
Reminisce what i see before
Fams don't wanna hear it tho
But, please just leave me alone..


[Verse 3]
She living life with a mask on
Became a teacher and pa**ed on
Her dream job
She looking out for her fams dawg
Her man dawg
Knocked her up, and split
So she wrapped all
The inspiration she had
What I'm supposed to say?
I can't even imagine that
I'd tell her chase your dreams
But she can't imagine that
Obstacles got in the way of that
And the pain of that is way more
Than what i can write or say with rap
Working, working, working
Working, working

[Hook x2]

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