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SaDiCi - Chapter 1 lyrics

(Fans cheering)
Back to the basics
Rappers on Lame sh**
Daggers Im taking, Track with -

That was a dream?
Eyes opened, waking up
Chapter 1, for me and you
Watch as the book unfurls..

Sick, as it can ever get
You better forgive, for the all of this sh**
The record that is, Yep
Look at the way that spit, b**h
Way more than an addict, clear
For the music it is, a beautiful thing
When I'm using a pen, here
And you know that I don't lie, So you better recognize
That I'm soon to be the greatest, you can hate but in time
It will happen, go illmatic, when my début just drops
I want my respect, man where the hells my props
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Shooting at your set, if you tell me that you hate it
I'm taking the game, to change it
Every body watching as I'm on top of the pedestal
Putting in some effort as I develop these better flows
I'm relevant, with every note, my sentences, are out this world
My medicine is music, only sedative I know
This is chapter 1, I'm waking up
My eyes are open, I am focused
Imma get what I came for
With the mic, I'm hoping
You will listen and they'll know
Who Mayze is
Amazing, I'm making my legacy
I'm patient, tryna reach for my dreams, and achieve it
One day ill be seeing, the people I viewed on TV
And I'm done chasing the girls
I'm making my goals, to be changing the world
One step at a time, stare inside my eyes
I'm destined to shine, my name will remain
Dead or alive
Stare inside my eyes
I'm destined to shine, my name will remain
Dead or alive

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