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Sa-Je - Phreedom lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was raised in Glenside, PA, a residential border of the greatest city on this f**ing planet
All they see is "murder rate rising and the education dying" cause the headlines will never understand it
I used to beg my mom for that $10.25
So I could slide right onto that R5 and take a ride
Down To Market East Station, with those gnarley beats playing
Because each and every man has got a charge that needs payment
Take a stroll down walnut street
Rockin' shoes from buffalo exchange on my feet
And everyone's a fan of baseball I meet
Tattoos that say Harry Kalas RIP
Although I wasn't the biggest on the seventh inning stretches
I remember Phillies games with my obnoxious city brethren
Yelling out for Jim Thome when he'd hit the plate with confidence
A three base hitter was our way of saying god was sent

Man, who could forget the past?
When all you needed was that god damn septa pa**
From jfk to south street and back
A little city called freedom, I needed that (X2)

[Verse 2]
I spent half my childhood there at the country club diner
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Down in northeast Philly, what a lucky one I was
On family occasions, I would get the most excited
When we'd pa** by northeast high, I'd be reminded
Of diversity exposure, as I was growing older
I learned how to appreciate the city with no closure
I stepped into a cold world, with the mindset of a soldier
I tackle intolerance and carry caring composure
Cause Philly's filled with gold hearts, their minds like gems
That's word to Greg, vision and PYPM
Cause I remember back Friday was my favorite day of week
Because the Franklin institute gave out a place that we could speak
Have you ever heard the music from our city?
The flutes in Rittenhouse could echo all the way to Sydney
And The roots set the roots for our current music movement
So OCD and astronauts are flying out at ten speed


How many shows have I seen at the TLA?
Wildin' out like nobody would care
Step out the stadium, take a deep breath
Then I take in every step like they were Hollywood squares (X2)


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