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Sa-Je - Live lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was born to be a b-plus, 'til I rose up like Jesus
For three plus days, I'm telling each one
Of these motherf**in' phonies I'm only of an elite bunch
That's crazy enough to make all of you babies freeze up
So break for a minute man, I'm more than a simpleton
You claim that you open lanes, but your whole placement's impotent
And I don't give a god damn care how you're kickin' it
'Cause I rip when I'm into it and my rhythm is infinite
Like I spit and hear "Yo man, you drastically bomb it!"
You spit and hear "Oh man, I practically vomit!"
And look, I ain't better than no man in the essence of life
But on this mic, you know my type, you better be checkin' me right
And give me that thumbs down if you ain't having fun, how-
Ever I'm tryna turn up, and ain't the only one now
Police tell us "calm down," rappers tell us to dumb down
And if you misinterpret, let me give you the rundown
Homie I'm live

And so damn happy just to say I'm alive

[Verse 2]
Thinking back to the disorders that I had as a kid
And how I stood out of the norm, but yo I'm glad that I did
'Cause my personality formed and I grew out of my skin
And learned that life is a b**h, but feed her love and she's an adamant friend
I'm added, I'm in, creating a craft with a pen
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Settin' the standard so nobody every has to again
A hip-hop fiend, ain't no bigger addict than him
I-R, so you know we ain't gon' match at the end
I'm like a square that tried to fit in a circle of my peers
Only to see the key to exclusivity is fears
And I guess I'm just too nice to choose fights
'Cause luck's punch flickers and gets you f**ed up quicker than Shoenice
I write that "we won't give up now" music
That, that government shutdown music
That, that hypocrisy's alive and contaminated
Every man and lady on the planet, apes abandoned us 'cause
The brain is just too advanced for a canvas to paint in
Creativtiy picked to plan a vacation
And we're just too scared to stand for the achin'
So we fake causes and applause what we've taken
Yo that's f**ed up

Run, run, I'm coming, my style's from out the dungeon
These rappers ask for a verse, well I guess I should price a plug-in
f** 'em, end the discussion, we startin' an overcoming
They used to tell me every single scheme is good for nothin'
Now they're like "Yo, you was live at first sight"
"Internal rhyme, you been live since first sight
"IR, you was live at first sight"
"Jay-Gold, you was live at first sight"
"J to the G, you was live at first sight"
"Jeremy, you was live at first sight"
And this is Live At First Sight

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