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S. T. Coleridge - The d**h of Wallenstein (Act 4 Scene 12) lyrics

His spirit 'tis that calls me: 'tis the troop
Of his true followers, who offered up
Themselves to avenge his d**h: and they accuse me
Of an ignoble loitering—they would not
Forsake their leader even in his d**h; they died for him,
And shall I live?
For me too was that laurel garland twined
That decks his bier. Life is an empty casket:
I throw it from me. Oh, my only hope;
To die beneath the hoofs of trampling steeds—
That is a lot of heroes upon earth!
[Lyrics from: https:/**h-of-wallenstein-act-4-scene-12.html]

  [Exit THEKLA. [10]

(The Curtain drops.)


10 The soliloquy of Thekla consists in the original of six-and-twenty
lines twenty of which are in rhymes of irregular recurrence. I
thought it prudent to abridge it. Indeed the whole scene between
Thekla and Lady Neubrunn might, perhaps, have been omitted without
injury to the play.—C.

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