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S. T. Coleridge - The d**h of Wallenstein (Act 1 Scene 3) lyrics

To them enters ILLO.

(to TERZKY).
Has he heard it?

He has heard it.

Thinkest thou still
To make thy peace with the emperor, to regain
His confidence? E'en were it now thy wish
To abandon all thy plans, yet still they know
What thou hast wished: then forwards thou must press;
Retreat is now no longer in thy power.

They have documents against us, and in hands,
Which show beyond all power of contradiction——

Of my handwriting—no iota. Thee
I punish or thy lies.

And thou believest,
That what this man, and what thy sister's husband,
Did in thy name, will not stand on thy reckoning?
His word must pa** for thy word with the Swede,
And not with those that hate thee at Vienna?

In writing thou gavest nothing; but bethink thee,
How far thou venturedst by word of mouth
With this Sesina! And will he be silent?
If he can save himself by yielding up
Thy secret purposes, will he retain them?

Thyself dost not conceive it possible;
And since they now have evidence authentic
How far thou hast already gone, speak! tell us,
What art thou waiting for? Thou canst no longer
Keep thy command; and beyond hope of rescue
Thou'rt lost if thou resign'st it.

In the army
Lies my security. The army will not
Abandon me. Whatever they may know,
The power is mine, and they must gulp it down
And if I give them caution for my fealty,
They must be satisfied, at least appear so.

The army, duke, is thine now; for this moment
'Tis thine: but think with terror on the slow,
The quiet power of time. From open violence
The attachment of thy soldiery secures thee
To-day, to-morrow: but grant'st thou them a respite,
Unheard, unseen, they'll undermine that love
On which thou now dost feel so firm a footing,
With wily theft will draw away from thee
One after the other——

'Tis a cursed accident!
Oh! I will call it a most blessed one,
If it work on thee as it ought to do,
Hurry thee on to action—to decision.
The Swedish general?

He's arrived! Know'st
What his commission is——

To thee alone
Will he intrust the purpose of his coming.

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A cursed, cursed accident! Yes, yes,
Sesina knows too much, and won't be silent.

He's a Bohemian fugitive and rebel,
His neck is forfeit. Can he save himself
At thy cost, think you he will scruple it?
And if they put him to the torture, will he,
Will he, that dastardling, have strength enough——

(lost in thought).
Their confidence is lost, irreparably!
And I may act which way I will, I shall
Be and remain forever in their thought
A traitor to my country. How sincerely
Soever I return back to my duty,
It will no longer help me——

Ruin thee,
That it will do! Not thy fidelity,
Thy weakness will be deemed the sole occasion——

(pacing up and down in extreme agitation).
What! I must realize it now in earnest,
Because I toyed too freely with the thought!
Accursed he who dallies with a devil!
And must I—I must realize it now—
Now, while I have the power, it must take place!

Now—now—ere they can ward and parry it!

(looking at the paper of Signatures).
I have the generals' word—a written promise!
Max. Piccolomini stands not here—how's that?

It was—be fancied——

Mere self-willedness.
There needed no such thing 'twixt him and you.

He is quite right; there needed no such thing.
The regiments, too, deny to march for Flanders
Have sent me in a paper of remonstrance,
And openly resist the imperial orders.
The first step to revolt's already taken.

Believe me, thou wilt find it far more easy
To lead them over to the enemy
Than to the Spaniard.

I will hear, however,
What the Swede has to say to me.

(eagerly to TERZKY).
Go, call him,
He stands without the door in waiting.

Stay but a little. It hath taken me
All by surprise; it came too quick upon me;
'Tis wholly novel that an accident,
With its dark lordship, and blind agency,
Should force me on with it.

First hear him only,
And then weigh it.

[Exeunt TERZKY and ILLO.

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