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S-Ra - Yesterday lyrics

I don't know why you even did it
I swore to God I never hit it
And now you've gone and thrown it
All away
And it's yesterday
And I'm not sure how long I can hang on...

[Verse 1]
So here's my story that I'm rapping for
Perhaps you'll find it on my door
And maybe someday I'll be poor
But that was yesterday, man
Girl I know that we were in love
Descending from the heavens like my angel dove
I swore you to that, to God above
Though not even you had enough
It's time, I'm done, I'm calling your bluff
It was you who gave up our relationship
And sold yourself into that relation-dick
And I get tired of seeing that little prick
Who you call your boo, your little heart-taker
Well watch out girl, here comes a heart-breaker
You come to me and you say sorry
Sorry, not listening, cause now you bawwing
Even though your love is ten times a'clawing
We're not together no more, it's not Narnia
Come to me again, maybe I'll forgive you
But f** you, I'll show you what I can do

I don't know why you even did it
I swore to God I never hit it
And now you've really gone and thrown it
All away
All away, yeah

[Verse 2]
Well you see girl
You've made this pretty hard
Now, I ain't no bard
But I'll draw my cards and shoot my darts of poison
It's a long damn yard but I'll cross it
Double dip, sh** man am I exhausted
What you are is the boss lady and
Cracking rhymes from here to Boston
So I'll hand it to you, give ya the mic
I forgave you girl but don't make me take it back
You don't want me to tell the whole world you're whack!
Don't even try that, you know I'm keeping track
And you'll probably have me write those raps for you, right?
f** no, man I ain't even gonna bite
Well here's a final rap just so you can recall
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Exactly how I felt when you were a bathroom stall
I can give ya a rhyme, just give it some time
And I'll bind the lines of which kind define us all in time
And it's divine that you're kind, but in mind it makes me unwind
And I'm dying but don't show it, the wind I don't blow it
So f** you girl, you ditched me in the end
Now we'll see who ends up in the garbage can!

I don't know why you even died for it
I've sworn to God I'll never try for it
But that all ended, when you left
And it's a blank slate
Now you wiped the board
And I'm in a blank state...
And God help me, I can't do this, yeah
(That's all yesterday, yesterday)
(God help me, help me)

[Dubstep solo prod. by CLectronica]

[Verse 3]
Well now I'm tired of playing this little game
You think you can reach the motherf**ing Hall of Fame
I'm afraid you're mistaken, you're taken for the blame
I told yall I was done but that takes out all the fun
Just wait one more second, i'll explain it, done
Are you saying that it's not worth the fight
To get something a thousand times worth a prize
It's a type of pride and no one else can steal that stride
So get down and admit that you'll cry when I die
And even Bill Nye the Science Guy can't explain how I saw the light
You know, what if that light you see when you're born
Is the same light that you see when you're mourned
Beyond d**h, beyond fame, beyond recovery
I reach high and above, beyond for this coventry
So now I'm done, done for today
Just remember to not forget me from yesterday

I finally know how I caused it
It's time to step back and pause it
All thanks to God for making me realize
What an a**hole I feel like
And now that you're gone, the world feels so blank
Like a slate wiped clean
Your things are still on my bed, packed with your jeans
My emotions are focused, I feel omnipotent
Yet all of this ended when you went and left
And I'll still remember

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