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S-Ra - Abracadabra lyrics

[Hook- Sample of Pilot-It's Magic]

[Verse 1]
Abracadabra, boys and girl, I don't need no wage
You wanna see me gone, throw me in a cage
I'll be mad as heck, going into a rage
Flippity floppity, keep offa me
I'm done, it's toppa' loppa' me
Crying like heck, cause you get paid minimum wage
I don't care, your money don't fade
Clearly you're midas touched; You amaze
Trickity mcflippity, oh look it's lick mickety
I go undercover, making it for the mothers
Don't need no instruction, it's just a short discover
I wish I could go back, back to my lovers
But that's not possible, it's required to be a shova'
Words coming at you at lightning speed
Hippity hoppity, don't drop that doppler read the weather's too copy free
And I'm not interested in drinking coffee no sir I'm just hyper beyond my wits
And it's a kick but a wits knit I'm stuck on your fingertip and you ever so hate the day
That I find a mate because you're my ex and I'm past on to the best
You couldn't ace the test and now it's your fault because I'm with the rest
See ya later, alligator, didn't need a little favor and now we're going back to Cars with Mater

[Hook- Sample of Pilot-It's Magic]

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[Verse 2]
Bad words are censored, goes around you like a blur
Son of a b**h, that's another f**ing error
Cliche time, I hope you're ready for the new age
Wait, I'm not gonna do that, it's bad like the plague
Boom! Coming at you like a boss
Sit down children, criss cross applesauce
If you got the wits to come up to this table and challenge me, I welcome you
Not just because you're foolish, it's because I've pelted you
Just give up, admit this is the greatest
Fast forward, now I've truly made it
Everyone else can go do a 180, get back on your deck, matey

[Hook- Sample of Pilot-It's Magic Chorus]

[Verse 3]
I wrote this rap with the intention of not having to do crap
But now that you mention it, it's giving me a bad lap
I can't find my way, somebody supply me with a map
Forget this, Ima be like the hare and take a long nap
But guess what I'm done, I'm done for today
But remember that this sk** is in my DNA
Dispatchment plans are already underway
I'll be doing this again, probably, yay
But don't steal it, or I'll kick your A
Wanna know why? Cause I'm S-R-A

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