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S-Quan - Ride Out lyrics

[Intro: Watsizzle]
Hahaha, im always so high and spacious on these n***as
My cups always full, my tanks always full
f** n***a I light up while im drivin to let you know what n***a

[Chrous: S-Quan]
Wit my family I'mma ride out
Don't trust a fake n***a in ya hide out
For this money ima ride out
Ima ride out, ima ride out x2

[Verse 1: S-Quan]
If I consider you fam you the only n***a I trust
Other people be phony they other there for the lust
Yea they start seein' riches, start seein' digits
Or they lookin' for loans or start sayin' you different
But money don't change me, only brings fakes to the circle
But I still keep my pockets tight they callin me Urkel
I guess im real selfish but I dont owe you nothin'
If you wasn't ridin from day 1 don't come round frontin'
Yea im gettin cash, you betta believe it
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People they watchin, and they hatin I feel it
But im neva gon' stop, till we on top
Out here gettin money while broke n***as watch, lets get it

[Hook: S-Quan]

[Verse 2: Watsizzle]
We gon ride out, with the top off
Take my top off, shorty s** it real soft
Yea i love them strippers but im rockin 4 chains
Shorty want my gold member, both hands in my hanes
She horny baby askin for my mojo
Bout to stretch her out we fightin at the dojo
Thats my bedroom, six flags enjoy the ride, when you gettin high
On my roller coast, dont eva boast, cause hoes like you s** the most
I didn't say dick, cuz my name is rich
So all i do is stack them chips
Booking flights and taking trips
Astronauts and spaceships, im captain of this spaceship
Hold on tight we takin flight i hope we have a safe trip, n***a!

[Hook: S-Quan]

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