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S-Quan - Come Around lyrics

[Hook: DenzelAy]
Every time I come around, round, round
Know It's going down, down, down, down, down
You might see me in the town, feeling so amazing
We can hit the mall or we can kick it where I'm stationed
And I'm reaching for the crown, crown, crown
They wanna see me drown, drown, drown, drown, drown
Got my foot up in the game, bout to take what I deserve
I got a penny for your thoughts
I got this Henny for the road
Just Come Around

[Verse 1:]
I just come around, I just, I just, come around
f** around and drop a tape and make 100thou
Ain't a soul could tell me 'look at you, you stuntin' now'
Humble n***a, I just do my thing and take a bow
n***as always doubted I could get into the game
Until I hit em' with the pivot in the middle of the lane
Pump fake, then I fade away, next touch: Isolation play
Crossover, some crazy sh**, they can't guard me like atheists
I don't know what you n***as want to make of this
Now I'm in a different mode, they ain't expect the kid to grow
Cause they the same ones who babied him
Like My god, my god, look at the way I raise the bars
n***as can't say I ain't go hard, and then mean that
Homie your whole f**ing team whack
And they think they making the greenbacks
Well I'm here to tell em they ain't
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And no, I don't care if you Pablo Pica**o, I won't let em get in the paint - can't trust sh**

And sometimes I just want to be alone
I don't want to chill, please don't hit my phone
No time for the games, find time for your own
I don't care about your message, don't leave it at the tone


[Verse 2: S-Quan]
On the road to riches, can't see faces come around
n***as lazy, ain't gon' grind while I build it from the ground
Yeah I, seen it all coming, plenty hands sticking out
You can't get into my stash, I never seen you in the drought
Stayed away from all the fake, clean slate I carry gloves
Said they knew me from back then, now they entitled to some love
Never thought that I would do it but they always seen it in him
Used to play, laugh, grow, now I see it, want it, get it. Believe it

[Verse 3: Watsizzle]
Don't come around fake toughing
I told your girl to bust it wide open, no bluffing, cuffin'
Is what we don't do, and I don't own you
So when I see you on roads, I don't know you
Keep that sh** on the DL, no details, we don't tell
Hold liquor for my chaser
I don't chase her, only chase the guap, pick and pop
It's a money shot, and it's going down, call a timeout, I only win

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