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S-Nime - Low Key lyrics

I keep all my sh** low key
Don't need all this talk bout me
Been rolling up swisher sweets
With all my homies
Keep my sh** low key
All these hoes know me
All of em blow me
I'm gonna k** it we gon see
(Verse 1)
I keep it low key
Lame muf**as can't smoke with me
I be on the strong sh**, smoke tree
Ask your girl for pics, sends em with glee
I swear I'm a bada** like Boosie
You told somebody
Well stop talking behind my back
And my girl's a** goes clap
Late night, tap tap
(Verse 2)
Trying to become a pro rapper
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Know all her body, could map her
Never sit for the anthem like Caper
Playing no games, no tricks
On the floor moves like Mick
But we ain't talking right now
How I'm in the clouds
And how my girl always real loud
And I'm proud
With another one, f**ing around
(Verse 3)
A plus performer
Hell nah I'm not a conformer
Went to dinner, but had to get a to-go order
I was on her like a gas pedal, I floored her
Put it into overdrive
Going like I was going for a dive
And they all bow down when I arrive
Hating cause I'm still alive
In top of my throne
I ain't neva going home, ho
All my sh** lowkey I like it that way

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