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S.A.S. - Pardon Me lyrics


[Intro: Mayhem]
Yeah, pardon me
This is a, epic tale
That um, we entitled
Galaxy Fly

[Verse 1: Mayhem]
Where Haze trying to make guap
Shortin on that ?? block
Payin dues, makin moves
Now, every tape's hot [all of them]
We the London connects, seen us in State Prop
Or in the kitchen with Villian
Steady whippin that straight drop
Gettin figures off the raw if I ain't prop
Wave my middle finger to the law cuz I hate cops [I can't stand em]
Strive for perfection, shine cuz I'm destined
These are the last days, time's of the essence
The curriculum's mine and I'm who they testin?
Since knowledge is power, my mind is a weapon
And exec's consider our rhymes as investments
We eat?? al fresco, dinin in West End
Claim you got shooters? Come on, you should send them
I ?? them, to me they cartoon, call em Ben 10
You must be kiddin me, truth's what I'm spittin G
You's wanna mimic me, there's proof that they're diggin me
The luggage from Paris, the boots are from Italy
My swag hot, smokin through the roof like a chimney, and [take off]
When it comes to gettin fresh, I'm a expert
Stan Smith's, linen shorts, shades and a fresh shirt
Unemployed? just yell at ya boys, you could get work
Lookin up to us for so long that they're neck hurt
But if they ever disrespect, it could get worse
Don't have me sayin rest in peace in my next verse [don't do it]
Cuz you could get murked as soon as the lead burst
Turn his white fitted to bloody red, Fred Durst
And my shooters get it done, forget the bread first
Long gone, probably Hong Kong when the feds search
And it's still duckin task force
New names, all kinds of stamps in that pa**ports
Though my heart's pure, I been havin dark thoughts
Man dem wanna start war? Give em what they ask for
Roll like a caravan
So if it's war they will shower man in less than an hour fam
Naw dog, send for the taliban
Because my ak just what? Just bought an AK-47 from Pakistan
Tell us when we stunt, LA Airlines shirt
So fly, its got propellers on the front
I'm with the fellas gettin drunk
Me, I'm burnin high grade suits??
Nah fam, I won't settle for the skunk, uh-uh
I got my eyes on some property
So when I'm makin moves, I ain't chattin bout monopoly [no way]
Everybody in my gang makin proper p's?? [all day]
A live band couldn't rock with me [all day]
I remain king
The pinky and the ring around saturn, it got the same bling
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Yeah you see the chain swing
But don't watch me, watch TV, ?? is the same thing


[Verse 2: Mega]
Okay it's me again, whole cakes we bringin in
Games I hate, so don't play with me my friend [don't do that]
And there's no way you seein him
Or that gas, sounds funny, must be helium
I pay what it costs, to bay when I floss
So odd with the art, but amazin with softin??
May is a boss, summer days in La Coste
Few keys, hundred g's in that safe in the loft ayo??
And me the don dada this
So all you rapper kids like, I define what swagger is
I ain't got time to spit lines at you challengers
Or you amateurs, picture that with your cameras
I showed you that cash rules, I am that dude, that
Threw my city on my back like a tattoo
Achoo! flows colder, bad flu
You're not what they wanna hear, bad news
Show stopper was the part I played
Dressed best in my Get Fresh party days
But now dogg I hardly rave
I got swag plus that sea wall, Katrina, tsunami wave, splash
I took positive from scars and the hardships
And put it in the bars that I graphted??
Now it's stars I'm on par with
Still I pray, remaniscing bout the days I was starvin the four??
Cops couldn't stop guns with the ??
Today they roll with AR's, disruptin our functions
But f** them, do it for north London
My shottas, ?? and gunmen
Locked in the dungeon, show
We can't relate to the po-po [never]
No snitchin, runnin to the jake's is a no-no
In the states, we debate who the most roll??
Sell weight, bust 38's for our post codes
On arrival, please let these guys through [make way]
Shake feds, break bread like disciples
Flow spiritual, like it's read out a bible
Cali Kush got my eyes red like Piru [Su-Wu]
These days every prick wanna try you
Bring your clique, they can die too [right here]
We're equipped, and toos?? with them white dudes
Used to drop through, then turn strips into drive thru's
I've been shot a couple times now, nothin' scary
You should really think about putting somethin near me
If I ever have to call up merceneries
And take that plan out, it's man down, somethin bare me??
Keep a top, late nights as I stroll
Take flights, stage bright, spray mic's at the shows
Make fights for the goals, now I'm right in control
The dice is a roll
I guess that's my life, I suppose


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