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Rigor Sardonicous - Possession lyrics

A grave to shade the frozen day
In cold desertion with shallow names
A soul born dead and cast unto flames
In shameless play to retrieve her way

A frost so pale in softened rain
In casted stone not chisled away
A virtue without lustre in clay
In graven silence and darkened pain

A forgotten stream by an unknown grave
In gifted silence a name betrayed
A barren dream asleep in hate
In mourning dreams denied in rage

A flight of woes in sickness reign
In darkness shunned of mortal saves
A hinded sight such wretched craves
In forlorn lust she sat in grace
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A burden onto Hell's dark path
The frost of life in darkness sat
A heart of dust, a soul of lack
The sombre danse from which she laughed

A fallen god to ice so black
The deamon sighs in fractured gla**
A silhouette of flame so vast
The eyes of felled d**h stared back

A sigh from which thy life attacked
The dead declared offsane impa**e
A season of the unknown craft
The plague from which thy d**h begat

A frightened earth with molten cracks
The stillness of the fire's cast
A fortune of the broken mask
The face upon defiantly smashed

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