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Rigor Sardonicous - Pandemic lyrics

Gathering Doom engulfs the Vast Darkened Abyss
A Savior of Despair; hellish Locusts of Impending Dread
Twisted, writhing contortions of life beget for d**h
Conflicting moral; Defleshed Salvation

Fallen d**h upon the earth
Freefall of might
Enshrined, Dethroned world
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Alienated ostracism

Incessant mortals, wasted like awaiting d**h
Nurture to digress, nature of life's Brokeness
Laughter of the earth, Sardonic uncleanliness
Lustful Morbid race, pathetic empathy

Unborn malaised yearning, putrify to life's End
Stagnant breath and blood, Virulent Circle

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