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$ Rich Money $ - Reincarnated lyrics

[Verse 1: Rich Money]
Last year, I was always tryna be my best
Always was uptight, and never let go
Experienced some pain
Tryna always cope
In order to do this, I started smoking dope

Ha, it just made me feel better
Finally got that thing off my chest just like a Cosby sweater
Now I'm seeing better weather
Opened up my mind
Saw myself in a new light

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm out here making music for you people
Tell me that a year ago and I won't believe you
Now I got this EP, and Its called the Prequel
Reincarnated like Jesus in the Bible
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Now I'm on top, and I'm crushing all my rivals
Yeah, there's no revival
You people act more than the activist in my cup and, It be doubled up

[Verse 3]
I'm pourin' more, I'm sippin' more, I'm smokin' more
I know it's bad I know it's bad I've been told that before
I can help myself though
I elevate and then I go, to a new place it's so magical
So please don't judge
And if you do I don't give a f**
I'm just doin' me and it's gon' stay like that
Yungyin with the beat he so good at that
We run around you people like this sh** was track, yeah
Now I found myself, and I ain't goin' back
Ain't got no love for these hoes even though they'd bend they back
Just to talk to ya boy and I'm just like, "nah"


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