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Quavo - Trap Life lyrics

[Hook x2: Quavo]
Cash out on a half a boat, then I hit the mall
Trap life lil' n***a, you might not live this life I'm talking bout
Trap life lil' n***a, you might not live this life I'm talking bout
The rap life and trap life, me and you can swap it out

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Man I'm tired of selling bricks
Gotta know how I'm tired of hittin' licks
Can't wait till I sign that deal
The trap life, I'll give it up quick
Listen up, n***a speaking real sh**
Cause it ain't all what it seems
You can have it all at one time, then end up losing everything
And I put that sh** on my mom
Imma make it out of the slums
Imma get [?] in a mansion, in a penthouse, living lavish
We at the top floor of the condo
We ain't never got to worry about the popo
We eating on shrimp and gumbo
We smoking on blunts, they jumbo
I got J's at the front door
I serve them up with that combo
Got birds flying like Dumbo but I keep a 9 like Rondo
I locked the game, I got the code
Cash coming fast that pronto
Making plays, Tony Romo
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Two bad b**hes, they homo

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Trap game risky but its so easy to flip them fishes
Popeyes, [?] chicken with them biscuits
f** an iPhone, trapping off a Tracfone
Give the Feds [?], they can't even track the phone
Ride through the city in a coupe [?]
Overseas with Muhammad [?]
Got a date with the money and the kush is my cologne
Sippin on lean out 2 styrofoam
I finesse a n***a for that cash in the red zone
You ain't never ever live the trap life n***a
You don't know nothing bout the rap life n***a
Hell nah I don't want to [?] it out with you
Cause you don't even know what you taking bout n***a
I don't know you but I know your [?]
But a n***a never ever got gwap with you n***a
You ain't got cash, you ain't never ever sold d**
You ain't never chop it up with the plug
You ain't never roll down 85 with a 100 birds in a Lamborghini truck
When I'm filthy rich thats when I'll give this trap sh** up

[Hook x2]

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