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Quavo - Mr. Miyagi lyrics

Ye, Wow, Migo
Let me take these f** n***as back to the Bando man (UGH)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Take em to the house with the boards on the windows
It's a drought in the summer but we working all winter
Take em to the Northside were Migo was invented (Nawf)
Run up on me now bet I hit you with extensions (UGH)
Dabbin' through the city they gon' f** up nothin' but Benji's
When I walk into the trap house
Bet I run straight to the kitchen (One Time)
I got Molly I got white I know that I told you in Hannah Montana
Made a million overnight
Versace it got me a drop head Phantom (Versace)
Mr. Miyagi (Mr. Miyagi)
Little bitty b**h she walkin up look at her body
The work I divide it
Acrobatic n***a take the brick and circumcise it
You'll remember
Trappin' out the house the window boarded up with timber!
You a pretender I am the boss, Head Honcho call me Simba (Simba!)

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
You n***as just some beginners (Beginner)
I am a boss call me Simba (Boss)
I am the master I'm Mr.Miyagi I'm in the kitchen whippin chemicals
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My n***a's criminals wanna get physical
You walk around with your pockets on minimal
Remix a brick and make it look identical
Offseas chopper it intercontinental
Trap out the bando before you serve look out the peep-hole
The people be watching for kilos
I'm with the vato's ca pasa tell all my amigo's
I'm trappin' I feel like I'm Nino
And all this mother f**ing cheese (broccoli)
n***a just call me Dorito
I'm selling fishes I got Nemo f** with carlito
Ten key's on the yacht boat shoot freethrow

[Verse 3: Offset]
Detective looking for me asking Bobby n***a where's the pistol n***a know you got it
Somebody snitch and said that i'm the n***a and the city plugged in like a socket
I don't know what the f** these n***a's talkin bout
Sat me down asked me you gunna talk
No arguing, fussin, discussion
I do not know nothing I haven't see nothin'
And the Mulsanne parked in the driveway
Nobody thought I would be back here in it
When I pull up I'm lookin in dey face
I thank the lord because I'm eatin say my grace
Back in the Bando whippin particles
And you can catch me in magazine articles
Balenciaga n***a dressing remarkable
In the game permanently not erasable

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