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Quavo - Migos Origin lyrics

So what part of Atlanta y'all from?
From the north side
Uh, yeah
Every show get crazy and crazy
We growing and growing every, every, every time at a show

[Chorus: Quavo]
Disrupted the game, the industry was shook up
Three young rich n***as, never did a push up
You want the origin of the flow, you better shut the f** up
And listen up, to what the Migos bout to cook up

[Verse 1: Quavo]
We k**ed the Versace, we went to Bahamas, shout out to the islands
Mommas and daughters taking a picture with me and they smiling
Charlemagne say the gang Donkey of the Day (Charlamagne?)
Billboard magazine, 45K
Word on the street they say the Migos wanted
But they can't find the Migos, so they bite their recorders
When you ask for a show, can you seriously afford it
Check my schedule, itinerary loaded of course
Check my dab, it's priceless
And my n***as is righteous
I don't got no type, but I love to f** Pisces
The chains on my neck, I might get arthritis
YRN Tha Album first album going diamond
Got my mama a Benz
Just to show her I'm grinding
Green dots in the pen but I hate the confinement
When Offset got out of jail he ate a bowl of hundreds
Dropped the Rich n***a Timeline and we was crossed the country


[Verse 2: Offset]
Skrrt, cook up
Graat, he shook up
I'm trapping the white, that Ku Klux
My n***as got grenades and bazookas
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On the private jet we smoking up in indica
A hundred thousand, got a pick up in India
Headed to locker, we changed the millennium
Thirty thousand for a walk through minimum
Snakes in the gra** start spinning out venom
That come with the territory when a n***a winning
Tinted windows on the sprinter you don't need to see this image
The blogs say I need to calm down, f** a image
Your CEO a busta and my CEO a hustler
Choppa sound like percussion, run up on me repercussion
Came from nothing, came home with a half a million, hurt my stomach
I'm taking good care of my kids but they mamma get nothing
And if you think its wrong this ain't the right song you're bumping
Welcome to the jungle, lions, elephants and monkeys
Never see me lonely, best believe nina on me
Stuffed crust, my pocket walking with a 50 on me


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Pyrex pot on the stove, take that eggbeater cook up
They looking for the origin, wanna know how did we make this sh** up
Came in there right and we f**ing it up
Jump off the banana boat, call me King Tut
n***as be biting our swag I tried to switch it up
But these n***as still don't get enough
n***as with attitude don't give a f**
Young n***a flexing never did a push up
Migo flow everybody wanna look it up
Every ten years it's on my story bro
I bet you listen up, you don't gotta like it
Yo favorite rapper he be biting
When I step in the booth, its a moment of silence
I bet yo b**h she get excited
When I'm doing show my front end and that back end be enormous
I need a double cup with my Backwood when I'm on stage performing
Can't get in my tour bus b**h, ain't tryna f**, it's only 5 in the morning
I got some Dominican b**hes that s**ing and f**ing and back to the origin


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