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Quavo - Kidding Me lyrics

[Intro: Takeoff & Quavo]
Must be kidding me
Slam my n***a
Nah, n***a don't play with me
Don't f**ing play with me

[Hook: Quavo]
They say he ran off with the pack, goddamn (must be kidding me)
They say the plug going out like Nino Brown (must be kidding me)
They say the n***a that robbed you in the trap right now (must be kidding me)
I bet I'd pull up and start dumping at the whole crowd, n***a better stop playing with me! (Grah, Grah)
You know that they taking your style? (Must be kidding me)
It's all on the radio, like right now! (must be kidding me)
Who the hell said we a one hit wonder? (must be kidding me)
Migo pockets sloppy like lasagna, n***a stop playing with me

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
Who the f** said QC we ain't on top? Gotta be kidding me
Who the f** said YRN2 gon' flop? Must be kidding me
The n***as that didn't believe in me
The people that didn't believe in me
Versace, Versace it topped the charts
Now I'm on BET and MTV
Remember back then watching Oprah?
Now I'm on the sofa with Oprah
Louboutins all on her sofa
No strings attached cause these loafers
OG gas pack got the odor
Green like Shrek that's an ogre
Taking my swag and exposure
Pull up to your house and foreclose ya'
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[Verse 2: Quavo]
Thought I f**ing told you f** n***a better stop playing with me
Hop out with the dirty stick, the drum, holds infinity
My b**h ridin' down with 50 chicks in an SRT
I ain't make it out of high school, it ain't no shame in me
I'm richer than my teachers, damn I know I bet they mad at me
With yo' red light on, in the bando get it like Krispy Kremes
Hit the pot with the left hook, Quavo-Kareem
You ain't never seen a mountain of snow on that triple beam


[Verse 3: Offset]
All of you n***as you mimic me, you kidding me? Literally
Controlling the block with good quality
Hurricane in the kitchen, a catastrophe
I'm number one you other n***as after me
Wrapping my b**h up in diamonds from Tiffany's
Everyday a holiday, epiphany
All you p**y n***as talking and bickering
It don't even make no goddamn sense
You cuffing the same b**h I f**ed in my Bentley
Whoosh, pack gone missing
Soon as it's touchin my hand it's disappearing instantly
Diamonds on me looking like it's a photo
Guiseppe Zanotti walking on komodo
Feelin' like Austin they stealing my mojo
Trapping and capping we selling that yayo


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