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Quavo - I Just lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
I just juuged a whole bag, whole bag
Got the damn plug mad
I just ran up the whole tab
That ain't drank, take it back to the lab
Smokin' cookie, cookie, gas
Pop a perky, I don't want a half
Hit him with the choppa, splash
Bow, bow, bow, raw, splash

[Verse: Quavo]
The plug with my right hand
The plug with my right hand
'Til a n***a took him off
It was all a n***a plans, yep
First juug was a cutie
A trap life, I abused it
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Kickin' dope, buyin' Trueys
Now I'm up, I bought an Uzi
50 thousand for a bust down
No Kanye, I'm up now
My life on it, write on it
I'ma roll the dice on it
Only get one night, lil' lady
Only get one night, lil' homie
I'ma tell you that one time
I'ma give you that one line
Don't cross a gun line
No, don't cross a gun line
I'm drinkin' on eight lines
Drinkin' on eight lines
I dream of dollar signs
You know we don't waste time
The plug on FaceTime
I pull up and draw, aim

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