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Quavo - Dennis Rodman lyrics

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
I like the way she wear it, uh, baby, wiggling
I like the way she juug, uh, baby, juggling
I like the way she move, damn, do that sh** again
She changed her hair again, uh, Dennis Rodman
She changed her hair again, uh, Dennis Rodman
She changed her hair again, uh, Dennis Rodman
She changed her hair again, damn, shorty balling
She changed her hair again, damn, Dennis Rodman

[Verse 1: Quavo]
She changed her hair again, but no, she not no drag queen
She had it Suwoop red then she turn it money green
BrickSquad 1017 that's the money team
Band jump like trampoline in my Billy Jeans
Ride around smoking on stank
Switch your hair around like you're Rodman
Your hair matching my drink, I'mma need you on the whole paint
It's like going on a date with a different woman every time I step out
Your hair stand out, my money go up
She change her hair so many colors, it's like I'm living living color
Her p**y wet just like the water
I bought a pound, we smoked a quarter


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
She changed her hair again just like dennis rodman
It was black but she changed that sh** to blonde, man
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She a blonde girl, yeah, she my foreign girl
She changed it red now she riding In my charger
She wanna marry me, I told her maybe one day
She paint it blue so I turn her on to Pee-Wee
Double G is her wing, man,so we call her lil Gucci
LV on her finger, so we call her lil Louie
F all on my rims, ride my Forgi's like they Fendi's
Pull up to the light, jump out, I tie my shoe, jump in my Bentley
FNH on the Glock but it do not stand for friendly
Got a wig on lookin' like Lil Kim & , she ready to die like Biggie


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Red b**h, red Jag, nah this ain't Red Robin Hood
My b**h she in different colors like a box of Crayola she whippin' all yellow
They gapin' here got an auto my b**hes they come cross the border
Thats no but yes she a snorter I'm sippin' on Act you sippin' on water
I got a b**h like Pocahontas the world full of animals live in Jumanji
Sayin' you want your feet and your nails done then you gotta do a lil somethin'
So stop with all the frontin' and let the SK start bussin'
I'mma keep it 100 I can turn you into something
You blonde like brown now red whats next?
Shot up and let me she flex and we pull up in them Bentleys
Walk through the city no standing wind blowing through her windmill
She s** me and f** me so good that night
Woke up and bought the b**h Fendi


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