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Quavo - Come Up Off Of That lyrics

[Hook: Juicy J]
Take a nigga shit make him come up off that
Sellin' in the hood and come up off that
Them pills, them bricks, them pounds
Come up off that
That chain, that watch, that rang
Come up off that

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Broke I could never be, I woe hoes like a melony
I know what I'm sayin' so nigga fuck what you tellin' me
Cash is the motto
Choppers is auto
Throw these goons in my team and that it gin in the bottle
From Memphis Ten where snitchin' is sin
What you was planin' to start, I'm fixin' the end
I swear to my kin ain't no bitch in me nigga
And if it ain't bout no money then don't mention me nigga
I got shooters on a payroll
Shoot when I say so
Catch you niggas loafin' with them burners and take all your dope
I got my drivers and my riders choppers on deck
And I got my money I can cut the check

[Hook: Juicy (x2)]

[Verse 2: Takeoff (Quavo)]
A cutie is cooking as coming from a garden, I even pull up with a cutie
I'm hitting the blunt and I pointed the Actavis, trippy I feel like I'm Juicy
The AK, the AR, the Uzi
In Chinatown cooking up sushi
I'm cooling my nigga don't fool shit cuz if its the business my nigga run to it
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(In the hood with them villains
I got raw rap and no dealin'
Come up out of that Bentley
Young nigga snatching go end this
I'm walking around with the nina
I'm taking your dough like a pizza
You food in the hood we eat ya
Cause I gotta look out for my people
My nigga be trappin' illegal
We pull up in Rio, got birds and a whole lotta eagles)
Young nigga all strapped with the mula
I see a fuck nigga you know that I shoot ya
My diamonds on diamonds Jacuzzi
Don't try or get stomped with the Uzi
(I'm walking around with the Ruger I feel like that nigga [?]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Project Pat]
I did time with the car tailers, going like a yard sale
Burned his own dick, you get smoked like some thrown wheels
Clientele, crack sales, flipping birds from the front
Digital scales, jail sails, niggas tell on their moms
Trust none, I ride on you son like Harleys
Counting out the show money smoking Bob Marley
Snow bunnies Bombay it's bout to be a party
Kids loving me on TV like ICarly
I ain't athletic but I'm definitely balling
Win this beef, no police, goons I be calling
Ak 45s, prepare for the balling
Got me mixed up like gumbo, New Orleans

[Hook x2]

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