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Quavo - Cocoon lyrics

Yea Uh
Million Dollar kid
Uh it's Guapo b**h
I like this sh** slide down on his sh**
Migo what it do
Let's get it !

Bad b**hes on deck
My diamonds get em so wet (water)
My diamonds always so wet (water)
These rappers old they so wack (they wack)
I'm sippin on some hi-tech (mud)
I'm sippin on some hi-tech (that red)
Percocets in Texas next
Percocets in Texas next
I'm getting money like I suppose to
Bagging hoes like they groceries
Monkey hoes can't close to me (naw)
And I keep a woolie close to me
I got hoes thats overseas
I'm on top so they under me
I hit and quit her and i got up outta there
And I had on Versace briefs
Same n***a I ain't change
I'm getting so sick of these lames (lames)
I ain't even got say no names
I'm just gone stay in my lane
I kept it one hunnid with n***as
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You won't catch me running from n***as
I'm thumbing through hunnids lil n***a
I tell em keep coming lil n***a
See they gone hate on him they mad
Call a lil bad hoe at Ractrac
All these hoes love my face tats
Go to V live and they gone shake that
I'm so high can't even say sh**
Go spend a ten on a bracelet
Got strong in the weed will lace it
I spent your rent on some braces
Alexander on my scarf
Big dawgs on bars
Wide body double park
Ball like I'mma ball player
VS1s I see all the haters
I ain't stuntin I'm just counting paper
Got trap house gotta know the neighbors
We gone send that b**h we gone never save her

[Hook: Quavo]
When I take d** I go to the moon
Lil' spoiled b**h, 2000 on shoes
Walk in the club with one b**h, leave with two
By myself at the top like cocoon
When I'm in the coupe I feel like a cocoon
Designer gives red bottoms baboon
We the wave, we the wave, typhoon
Take her out of the hills to f** with some goons
Now she breaking pounds in my room

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