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Quavo - Cant go lyrics

Hook) these niggas want me dead but I can't go
Hit the strip joint let the bands go
Look at all this money I done ran through
They wanna see my dead but I can't go

They wanna see me dead cos I got fame now
Niggas get a couple dollars and they change how
Nina always on my side it'll blow ya brains out
Gotta keep my circle tight and keep the lames out
Smoke so much dope I can't breath like I'm drowning
Sip so much hennessy my head pounding
House arrest a keep a nigga in the crib like he grounded
Gotta get this dough at the top like a mountain
Gang banging
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Phone ranging
Name ringing
O well, bitch its lud foe but I never take a L


Verse 2) quavo) Thanks to Versace I'm at the top like rocky
QC the label can't drop me
Flow hot made em copy
You bitch give me sloppy
While I'm swerving in the outti
Then I'm piping no Scotty
I mean pipping don't flock me


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