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Quavo - Cant go lyrics

Hook) these n***as want me dead but I can't go
Hit the strip joint let the bands go
Look at all this money I done ran through
They wanna see my dead but I can't go

They wanna see me dead cos I got fame now
n***as get a couple dollars and they change how
Nina always on my side it'll blow ya brains out
Gotta keep my circle tight and keep the lames out
Smoke so much dope I can't breath like I'm drowning
Sip so much hennessy my head pounding
House arrest a keep a n***a in the crib like he grounded
Gotta get this dough at the top like a mountain
Gang banging
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Phone ranging
Name ringing
O well, b**h its lud foe but I never take a L


Verse 2) quavo) Thanks to Versace I'm at the top like rocky
QC the label can't drop me
Flow hot made em copy
You b**h give me sloppy
While I'm swerving in the outti
Then I'm piping no Scotty
I mean pipping don't flock me


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