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Quavo - Came In lyrics

That's how a n***a came in

[Hook: Quavo]
Been getting guap dope boys in the trap n***a (That's how a n***a came in)
Deuce deuce pocket rocket on the stage in mansion (That's how a n***a came in)
Migos and Longway we don't need no label (That's how a n***a came in)
Walk in the bando see bricks on the table (That's how a n***a came in)

[Hook: Peewee Longway]
See the mail man dropping the box on the porch know the OG gas came in (came in)
That's a Full House n***a got the Olsen twins booted up and I came in (came in)
f**ing yo' b**h last night and she said you the n***a, came in (came in)
Blue Benjamin's we got new figures when the truck came in (came in)

[Verse 1: PeeWee]
Ran through a whole sh** load
Double back to play kick door
Forty bricks and the OG indo
Karate chop the brick like kimbo
Lil bitty b**h wanna play limbo with the dick
She say that her n***a a bimbo
Came in swagga with the Givenchy toes
Cocaine white like the dope on the stove
Vanilla ice on my neck froze
Blue Benjamin's on me sloppy
She came right in with the sloppy toppy
Four trap spots like Monopoly
Black Double R man I'm [?]
All black choppas silk the shocker
Picking you out no binocular
Only one came in no imposter
MPA Band camp roster
Young n***as pull up like shottas
Black got the tint on the Bentley like I'm doctor
Smoking on the backwood like a rasta
Same way I came in I'm going out
Running my trap house like In N Out
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California Kush 33 cash out
Same way the ba** came in beat em out
Young n***a move that dope
Chain the way it came in ain't never seen a drought
Digital scale that's my clock
Burr burr Audemar watch
Roberto Cavalli all over my body
Watch out for that Heckler & Koch
She want a blue Benjamin knot
Came in getting dope out the pot


[Verse 2: PeeWee]
Bootin up double date Olsen twins
Double down on the c**aine Benz
Same day the SLS came in
Bust down with them blue Benjamin's
Sack like Saint Nick coming down the chimney
Deuce deuce in my pocket standing in mansion
That's how a young n***a came in
Pocket monster run how he get it in
Giuseppe stepping residue fishscale
Mail man ringing my door bell with bails
33 gas bags on retail
Break em down fill em up vac' seal
When the pack came in you ain't get one smell
Came in sold all my wholesale
Cuddle in the Bentley at the intercontinental 3 bad b**hes all on my coat tail
That's the way I came in, smelling like gas in the hotel
Percocet on me them pain pills
Jack Tripper them b**hes same drill
Yes sir no sir trained to k**
Trappin' n cappin' it pay all my bills
Whipping the pyrex a with stainless steel
That's how I came in tryna make a mil


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