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Quavo - Black Tron (Miley Cyrus) lyrics

[Young Thug]
Pourin' up 'til I can't feel my anger
Serve my n***a Yeezy with a banger
I was sharin' all my thoughts with a stranger
Wrestle this b**h like Kurt no Angle
Diamonds drippin' on me like a sink

[Kanye West]
Aw sh** okay
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I be sniffing Mikey Cyrus
With Miley Cyrus
In a bathroom with my thumb in her a**
Actin' like I'm white

[Kanye West + Quavo]
Did that the whole time
I was actin' like I'm white
When I came up had to show my a**, yeah that's a back side
I was trappin' out the bando

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