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Quavo - 9 On Me lyrics

[Intro: Quavo]
I got 9, stupid 9 on me, got that 9 on me, Romo

[Hook: Quavo]
9 on me (9!)
9 on me (Woo!)
9 on me (Pow!)
Got that 9 on me (Go!)
Romo, Tony Romo (Toooonny!)
Romo, Tony Romo (Go Go Go!)
9 on me (Woo Woo!)
9 on me (Ba Ba Ba Bow!)
That 9 on me (Flex!)
9 on me (Go!)
Romo, Tony Romo (Toooonny!)
Romo, Tony Romo (Go Go!)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Ima' cowboy, cause i got that 9 on me
Tony Romo, grah grah get away from me
All my goons like linemen, you can't get no sack from me
I took your bitch, I smashed your bitch, left her at the Double Tree
They call me Tony Romo, 9 on me, its solo
Got goons with me that'll hit your ass up, nigga I ain't talking bout no homo
Call up mercy for the mojo,yall niggas ain't getting no dough
Call up the up the plug just for a 3 5, nigga but that whole thing in a relo

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[Verse 2: Ballout]
I got that 9 on me, run up you die homie
I just hit a lick, so I got it for the dirt cheap
I'm in the trap juugin' all day, sellin' them things
They going for 9 homie, i got my 9 on me
Migos hit me up and said they need 9 homie
Im like thats crazy cause im in the bando now homie
In the kitchen cooking chickens, wrapping up pies homie
And i got my 9 on me, I got my 9 on me


[Verse 3: Chief Keef]
(Sosa Baby)
Posted on o'block, i ain't worried bout shit i got my 9
And this bitch hold 30 shots, sucker you can i hope i miss
Glory gang we v.i.p, my homeboys can't wait in lines
Squad tote .223 i tote ning ding
And these fuck boys they ain't on non
'Member when I use to trap, now I ain't gotta trap nomore
I ain't even gotta rap, bitch I can die in this trappin game
GBE bitch we the squad, i know you wanna get signed with me
I just got like 9 a tape, now I'm 'bout to get high right now


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