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QP - The Saurus vs QP lyrics

[Round 1: QP + The Saurus]
Mr. Bean just pa**ed away; everybody, moment of silence
That's a double entendre
I may as well cop a body, since we condoning the violence
I touch screens, stick with me; see, I'm more of a stylus
I'm not your friend
Shoot through your temple, BLAOW! Show you who your pal is
n***a, what's good? Without sins
I figured I'd try angles in 3D, be better than I appear
A mid-tier with cla**ic bars, the Good Times to Cheers
You created this circle, more like a circus, which is kinda weird
I gotta come with rounds to cream this clown (*sksssh*), since we got a pioneer
Somebody give me a-
Speaking of pioneers, y-yeah, you a Hall-of-Famer
What the f** you doing working retired?
Jack and the Beanstalk, my story only worthy of giants
I'm the Good Shepherd, yeah, the Good Shepherd
n***a, you heard? I'm the nicest
I'm face-to-face with The Saurus, and still can't find the describe it!
sh**, I'm Adam, using words that the serpent recited
You think of snake, I'm thinking more with this purpose, enlightenment
How 'bout them apples?
Open you up, find a little worm that's inside it
Peter, call it the Tree of Knowledge, you gon' learn since you tried it
Speaking of learning, what'd you think I was gonna teach you today, how to be a man?
By letting me talk for you, dawg? f** is that, Son of Sam?
I'm the Wiz'
Dummy don't get it, I slow-pitch it, underhand
I'm the wisdom, you don't get it
sh**, I'm sonning son, something grand!
This is a retirement, homes
So, when you take an L, they're gonna understand
n***a, I swear, figure your career's been doing a little dance move we call the Running Man
You never did a stretch
My guess if you did, wife-beating your woman, fam!
You left blue prints around her neck, and deviated from the plan
Get it? Blueprints around your neck, DV-ated from the plan
If that was my sister, brother, I would've let the mother blam
It's like a stint in prison; your learning lesson coming from the can!
I understand!
I understand that I got kicked out by my dykie thug Ach', I get it
Go to his paddy, and his b**h thinking it's wifey love; STOP!
The prescription is what he gets; after "Hi!", he's drug BOX!
I'll Nickelodeon show and put him in a nicely dug plot!
That's funny! That's funny!
Just like the straight drop, you'll get cut with what I cut my coke with, a razor blade
But f** getting cut, that won't work; n***a, Labor Day
The .40 for cover fire (rraaah!), the shotgun (*click-click*), I'mma save the gauge
That b**h clean up behind so swift, sh**, you'd think it's tailor-made
n***a, what's good?
I say, but I'm alienated from The Jungle- last bar
I'm alienated from The J- 90 seconds, my bad
(laughs) Don't trip!
I said I'm alienated in The Jungle, but it ain't safe for help here
I say, I check bodies' temperatures, even in the safest stealth gear
You the 100, I'm the Predator; see, I'm just trying to make myself clear

[Round 1: The Saurus + QP]
You said you were gonna teach me about becoming a man
But that ain't the god-darn truth
'Cause I can learn more about being a man from your b**h who pulled a Glock on you!
Yo! Yo!
This your first trip to the Bunker, and it's Fight Night
Let me set the stage, then
I could've dropped a QP without getting weighed in
MMA, this a rampage Quintenn can't win
Two different pedigrees; tag Triple H in!
See, the thing about the school of fish that imitate him
Once they in the deep end, more sink than they swim
You like his writing? Watch Prison Break, then!
'Cause ain't a real sentence in that fake pen like 60 days in!
You ain't been the same since...Innuendo caved in
All your bridges stayed burnt, 'cause all you did was blame them
Bonnie, Born, and Remy hate him, so if you're such a great friend
Why did Bulletz bounce on you like a ricochet, then!?
Just in case y'all missed the memo, Innuendo's disa**embled
All his homies in it left, so now it's only him and Fresco
I don't care if Quintenn said so! He's never been the quintessential
He'll get lit up when I rock him; I'm a legend that'll hit his temple!
Disrespectful, I push it too hard
Bulletproof bars
It's sad, 'cause as good as you are
You let your habits get the best of you; you took it too far
Always looking for his next line, I'm pulling Q card!
That was fire
Watch every branch of the fam' of QP get clipped
Even his gram's in a bag, since the mood seems fit
So, how much weight do you think that QP flips?
Barely an ounce of pride left after he lose three-zip

[Round 2: QP]
I say, spoken word, spoken word
Real quick, I'mma get back to you
I tell a b**h you could be above-average, then after that, guess what the b**h become?
I tell her the money in the streets with the cars; f** you think the women come?
The blade is where they sharpen they sk**s; where the f** you think I get my pimpin' from?
Word, leave p**y the sorest; in other words, f** you think I'm sendin' ‘em?
You get it, p**y The Saurus? f** you! Think! I'm synonym
n***a, sentence from…the Devil
My turn next, you need a exorcist
Look on the bright side…ain't no bright side, n***a! QP a pessimist!
It's over, see? I'm battlin' a broad, Peter! Peep the reference!
The sacrificial lamb meat, it's a wrap; see, the expression is
In plain English, you get paid in Euros, right? Good! Peter bred for this!
I'll put you in Hell for this, yeah, in Hell for this, like the deepest breadth
Professional animal doctor; n***a, I'm a seasoned vet
Baby Williams, Breakfast Club; play with my name, I teach respect
The way I pull the D-E-S-K, sh**, I'm a teacher's pet!
That was crazy
Peter, check
I can't say that your rhyming schemes wasn't tip-top
But I told you defeats the purpose, so don't come and flip-flop
n***a, you get ga**ed so fast, you think it was a pit stop!
You know his footage, not bullets when his brother clip-drop
Your name is ratchet, Amina and Tara; that's baby-mother sh**, watch
‘Cause when's the last time you seen Peter guns? Go ‘head! n***a, Love & Hip-Hop!
I'm lovin' hip-hop!
n***a, what's good?
f** it, submission sh**, watch
Watch him tap out in a second
Prideful father on a road trip, your career's asked out for directions
You used to run the Northwest, put East up; now's your career's headed south in the present
Figured I'd come pissed, yeah, come pissed since I got it mapped out for this legend!
He talkin' ‘bout put down my weapon
The sig…n***a, that habit impossible to kick
sh**, I'm droppin' out the cotton-mouth; n***a, that sh** impossible to spit!
I'm battling a broad! Ho, tell ‘em! I go brothel in this b**h!
Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino
What that mean? n***a, I get hostile with the clips!

[Round 2: The Saurus + QP]
Let's go!
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That last round, two thumbs up; right on, Q!
Let's have a write-off; I'll pa** any level you write on, Q!
Right off, my right arm land every right on Q
And brought the perfect co-star, with timing right on cue!
I'll bet the way your funeral's going isn't how you planned
This is shotput; this next round's getting out of hand!
I read QP's biography, it begins in his past days
From the Jungle, before the Jungle could give him that rap stage
Now, the first 95 percent of the story isn't all that strange
But it really starts to get weird once you skip to the back page!
(*laughs*) Yup! Quintenn, you have AIDS!
That was the twist of the story
Quintenn, you have AIDS, and it's not any secret
He thought jumping from body to body, Quantum could leap it
But be careful how you talking to me, b**h!
Or after this, "QP" not gonna mean sh** but "QuadriPlegic"!
Now, I know y'all would believe it if I said Q's that type
To use his nose to keep him in the loop, toucan-like
He finna lose his damn life the way he use that white!
So even when he's in a bag, QP is still a few grams light!
Now, if I do- that's facts!
If I do the math right, you'll never make a profit
'Cause if Q ball, I'll take his scratch for getting out of pocket
Quintenn, stop it!
You went from being one of the freshest in the scene
The inventor of the schemes
To watching back your own intervention on this screen
Time to take advice from that other member of your team
'Cause everybody here agrees: QP's better when he's clean
Yup, yup, yup!

[Round 3: QP + The Saurus]
You a nerd!
I mean-
I'm a nerd!
No, don't trip, I got us, I got us
Yeah! We good, we good!
But this nerd'll still get the squammy
(Lieutenants or not)
Kidnap your babysitter; yes, we will get the nanny!
Snatch Nana from convalescence as they wheeling your granny
This pimp'll pop, that's it; why start k**ing his acne
If I'm worried about his skin, it's 'cause I'm peeling his family!
n***a, get it? Worried about his kin, 'cause I'm peeling his family
Understand we, jellyfish, top-tier
What's that? Clear...excellence
Hot as heck burnin', neck-turnin', damn near...Exorcist
I'm gonna tell you something out loud, so you can hear...evidence
I'm what you haven't been in years, let me tell you in your ear...relevant
Never sit down and eat with The Saurus, or else you're gonna trip
You wanna drink with us, The Saurus? There's rules if you're gonna sip
You got that-
I said, you can't have a f**ing T-Rex going on
f** is that, a wart!? What is this?
f** a tip! How you finna dine, a sore on your lip
n***a, what's good?
Infomercial clips, you got that voice, the guy from the commercial
All hail from above, only way this guy's coming to hurt you
That's cold; all hail from above, only way the sky's coming to hurt you
And for you to get geeked up to tell me something this hurtful
Like, "Going H.A.M.'s the reason you spend all this time running in circles?"
Like, WHAT!? "Going hamster reason you spend-"
Oh, that's fire!
n***a, I tried to deter you!
But with that poker face, it's easy for you to stage a bluff
When you got nothing, not even a pair; p**y just playing tough
n***a, if you say you got the Streetsweeper, it's an imaginary housekeeper 'cause you made it up!
n***a, I swear, breaking up with the Sergeant
Sergeant, listen
(She got my name tattooed on her chest)
I say, baby, I ain't going tit-for-tat with her
I got her name tatted right here [*points to his back*], then got it covered, like I ain't getting back with her!
I say, but me flipping her guns means I'm a trap n***a
Just means this vagabond would stick you in a bag quicker
I swear, now, your skag b**h a hottie? Yeah?
She's bomb!
She could still jack it and get just a coat
p**n dialogue, b**h n***a; f** a quote
You've snooped around your whole career, now that sh**'s gone up in smoke
Meanwhile, I'm the nyaaah! What that sound like? n***a, the f**ing G.O.A.T!
n***a, what's good?
n***a, for the money boat
n***a, I Uber, Lyft, train, bussing over the bread
Then get a b**h and run a train, busting over the bread
See, physics is simple
If I got to explain something, know that you're dead!
'Cause every bar Mile High Club
What that mean? Plain f**ing over your head!

[Round 3: The Saurus + QP]
Your ex pulled a strap on you!
You tatted her name on your back; that's not a lie!
So I hope that, with the next Glock she buys, she uses it to dot the I's!
And she used to date Dot before that
She dated Dot before that? Damn, that ain't even a reach!
(Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!)
Let's go! Let's go!
I said, your swag's all rented, I'm past authentic
15 years working, and I have not ended
I get booked every card-
I get booked year-round, homie, cash or credit
Pull a check out of every card, like Grandma sent it!
Now, do you know how I know that you got a lot of problems, Q?
Being a couch-surfing basehead ain't even in the top five things that's wrong with you! (*laughs*)
You put your worst moments on Facebook Live and YouTube for us all to view
Your b**h tossed you to the lawn, and pulled your own Glock on you
You'll take anything they'll offer you
How well off are you?
You got three baby-mamas paying off your bail bonds for you
Pending paternity tests on Maury and Phil Donahue
A failed father, too
Oh, yeah, and a male prostitute! (*chuckles*)
Now, I tried to keep it cool, but the problem has deeper roots
I tried not to get sh** backwards, tried to mind my P's and Q's
But, see, you know there's a problem with the way you're being, Q
When even your own kids don't like being accused of being Q's!
You're supposed to be an architect!
You're supposed to be an OG from our niche, one of the smartest making bars connect
Look back at what we started! Look forward at how far it went!
Then remember, that if you keep your extra bullsh**, it's just gonna make them all forget!
Dawg, since Day One, you've been claiming S.O.N.S
You created S.O.N.S
Here's a wild idea: stay off d** and f**ing raise your sons!
Their brain's a sponge that absorbs from where they get their information from
So, drop the imaginary laser guns, and find somewhere to AIM FOR ONCE!
Now, you haven't been this close-
You and certain d**h ain't been this close in a long time
Not since your ex pulled a strap on you and made you pick up your clothes off the lawn!

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