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QP - Soul Khan Vs. QP lyrics


[Round 1: Soul Khan]
Yo, I shouldn't mess with Q he the most vicious of S.O.N.S
He's so gangsta, he got guns that shoot out miniature guns
But what i wrote for him is opium, I bleed herron
And this ain't the jungle book, you can't beat Shere Khan
For a living you're a plumber and that's an honest wage
But wait lets flash back to your match with Kronic Plague
It was here, last year, remember you bumping Onyx in a jag
Just a second lets examine the fraudulence of that
You got them bills, child support, plus you got them union dues
Stupid you'd be lucky bumping Onyx in a Subaru
Wait i forgot your Uzi spews you're ruthless as a hunter
But if you're truly just a plumber
What the f** you gonna do to me, shoot me with a plunger?
You see me with a dime you know I'm piping that b**h
While you're at work, with a wrench, like: "damn, these pipes are a b**h"
How does it fell to know I'm as white as it gets
But more respected by the city who's style you bit
I guess that hurts, but what impacts worse
Is you're dying to be a Smack rapper, too bad I did that first
I was a highly gifted student and a college debater
So if i want to f** your girl, sh** I could persuade her
So when you come to fix my toilet after I just clogged it
I'll be working out your chick like it's my new office
This is promo, but it's going to look like you lost it
I put you on the map just to wipe you off it
But if he shows steel I won't squeal and Soul might duck
Cause when that fo' five busts, it doesn't really matter cause yo life s**s
f** it, if i get you, I dissect you, your body sliced to slivers
Ill take your vital organs, sell them to the highest bidder
From your eyes to your liver, every part'll get pitched
Too bad no one's in the market for the heart of a b**h
So here's the cliff notes if you just joined the battle
I put Q in a box, 10 points in scrabble

[Round 1: QP]

I don't wanna hear sh** about my battle with KP
And you know, me beating Kronic Plague
You battled in New York and couldn't handle a black president
And I'm just being honest Abe
I don't need a tooth under my pillow for me to serve this fairy
I came with lots dirt to make certain that this herb gets buried
You've never had s** before you know why? This nerd is scary
But when he does, he could have a baby Jesus
Depending on who this virgin marry
This square geek is an old school Jew like his father's partner
That thing on your face isn't a nose, that's a slobber knocker
Ladies don't run up and conversate with him, he's not a talker
Wizard ask you for some brain, he means your medulla oblongata
So he can whip up a potion with hand lotion using a sorcerer's stone
Add a little sugar and spice, create a gorgeous clone
To keep away from faggots and [?] you were forced to bone
This faggot shakes his head cause I'm hitting a little close to home
Back at home, b**hes wouldn't say Soul Khan is a cute guy
This faggot is a maggot and magic couldn't make this fruit fly
It feels like summer time when he wanna try to slip the truth by
Cause you said and turns red whenever this Jew lie
True lies, this ain't that pregnant b**h from the movies
But I guarantee this Jew know
I only pretended to be his friend, after we kicked it
I took his Jew dough
You better keep your f**ing hair short
Please, don't grow it into a Jew Fro
Smartest kid in his cla** why he enrolled into a JUCO
Dude's bro's name is Julius, his mother's name is Julie
Just to reiterate how Jew he is his sister's name is Julie
Now his dad's name is Judas, That's right his dad's name is Judas
The same person that betrayed Jesus
Cause that's the type of sh** a Jew does
True stuff the bible got proof of this
To show his racist ruthlessness
You guys gave him a crown made of thrones
Cause you're stupid pricks
He turned water into wine, who in the f** couldn't get used to this?
Then you guys planned to cross Jesus, crucifix
For that sh** if you got a baby I'll catch the kid in a cradle
If you got a toddler I'll catch him while he's spinning a dreidel
In high school it'll be like Cain finishing Abel
When I do him shady aftermath matching Eminem's label

[Round 2: Soul Khan]

If you call those bars your hardest, then I'll have to giggle
If I had a nickel for every dope line you spit, I'd have a nickel
If you strike me down I will come back like Lazarus
First here's a fashion tip, buy a f**ing hat that fits
And Q got two hats, one to conceal his fade
And another one to keep him from getting Conceited's AIDs
Your crew shares a lot, I ain't talking just bad flows
Ya'll motherf**ers swap meat like discount clothes
Y'all got that corny wordplay, I can flex mine too
My Jamaican homies told me you can't test I, Q
I know your formula, you'll flip my name in different forms
Go ahead, flip my name, it's still bigger than yours
And not the length of that sh**
I mean the strength of that sh**
I will break you down to pieces, Jenga that sh**
And this ain't the Fifth Element but I'm finally truly on
That every time you rhyme you move and bop like Ruby Rhod
I saw a video of your son, I thought some don't look right
You the only one in the S.O.N.S. that your son don't look like
So f** the Jewish jokes, and all your dumb wordplay
Ask your boys where they were nine months before your son's birthday
Against Chronic, you spit the ten plagues I can't really lose
Cause that was dope, but guess what? The plagues came from the Jews
You know that Soul's blessed with it, I'm apart of the chosen people
We wrote the Old Testament, you followed a phony sequel
I'm that being from Elohim, you should of turned this down
The Holocaust was then b**h, you getting murdered now
You think you tough because you're from Stockton and I'm from Woodland Hills
Half your teams about as tall as Bushwick Bill
You don't slang, you sniff, embarra**ing your sorry camp
You f** me up? Please, you and what army
And again, here's the cliff notes if you just joined the battle
I put Q in a box, and Fox is a faggot

[Round 2: QP]

Yeah, everyone in the S.O.N.S. is five-two and we're all short, funny
But I busted a nut in your b**h's face, she enjoyed all of my shortcomings
Soul Khan's name is Abraham Weston, jeez I'll just call him Abe for short
Nicknamed the Wizard, Brown Bag is where you played your sports
That battle with Tez where he said that nose looking like it was made to snort
[Lyrics from: https:/]
You look like a dude that skipped trial the way you couldn't stay with Cort
This dog, imagine him carrying a ratchet
I'll throw him in the water under the bridge
That's what I call burying the hatchet
No homo, but I hope you end up marrying a faggot
And get buried in a casket by an Aryan a**a**in
You can ask him, after this his career will be washed up
You'll be better off surfing tides and becoming a Jewish Rabbi
Yeah, that should keep this nerd in line
But you're a walking contradiction and I'm just now learning why
Cause you say you hate skinheads while on the eighth day you get circumcised
He's from California, but rep New York, so he can't say that Khan stay fresh
Just for frontin' I should punch him in his concave chest
I'll ask Soul if he f**s with the Roc, if Khan say yes
I'll send my gold digger to New York just to bring Khan yea west
They say I can't beat Soul Khan cause he got the sickest battling flows
f** it, I can't beat Soul Khan? How about I battle his nose?
I say yo, so glad we could meet toe to toe, head to head, face to face
This boinger is your best friend so I'm a point right at your ace and say
This is Ricky Bobby's partner, doing his version of the shake 'n bake
Cause even if I never said you were Jewish once, this motherf**er would've given the race away
Nasal spray, then his nose'll grow
Longer than Pinocchio's
You dig me? People catch my drift over in Tokyo
Flying to Hawai'i even, everyone knows the nose
Your schnozz got personality, that's why everyone knows your nose
Your favorite resort is the Poconos
When you snort I'm gonna poke your nose
When you sniff, I get pissed, when I take my fist and
Turn it to Shane Mosley's nose
Or maybe Ginobili's nose
The people's geek got the eagle's beak from the totem's pole
So when I cut this wood's pecker, yes sir, you can say I told him so
He saw the flow and fall for it, y'all'll see a nose dive
Right into these rails right here, skate fast and see a nose grind
I told Okwerdz my bars so Soul Khan probably knows mine
But since I [spit pip?], it's approriate I gave his nose lines
I said I'll show up to your house on Hanukkah and turn off your god damn lights
Since me and Fox jumped in [?] you think me and Fox can't fight?
And I got the gun in my hip so when them Glocks [can't right?]
I'm gonna punch you in the nose, right in the nose, cause you're god damn right

[Round 3: Soul Khan]

Pardon my sweat stains, y'all
You make tracks about how you flossin' and you clap rounds, yet
That ain't exactly what I found in this here background check
That's true, this file says your lifestyle ain't fit for a baller
Your average income is 28,453 dollars
But street money's off the books, that's how you're paid right?
Any way to gain so you probably seen some court dates right? Wrong! I checked that sh** too, from federal to state
And you never been charged of one felony, but wait
There's one unspeakable act that this wicked man committed
In 2004, he had a warrant for dodging a traffic ticket!
You fake a** faggot!
I bodied you in the first, I'll body you in the next
But I already won this round, so your posse can get the rest
I'll sunset the S.O.N.S. set, dropping every man
Your rap crew's a fat dude and some chocolate Teddy Grahams!
Yeah, he's got this. He's got this. He "really" got this
Except for Heartless, you're garbage, with a gun infatuation
You're one playground away from being another Bad Creation!
Hey! Hey! Hold on! Hey! Hey! Hey Fox! Hey Fox! I thought Slaughterhouse was gonna be here!
People compare Fox to Kobe, I have to hesitate
Cause in battles he ain't Kobe, he's the b**h that's getting raped
And in New York, I wasn't afraid of you when I treated you civil
I ain't fighting a motherf**er who barely reaches my nipples!
Conceited, Conceited I got you man
I dissed you, now you ducking me
That's a privilege and a luxury
But since I destroyed your boy, I guess you know that you can't f** with me
The first time I ever heard Conceited rap
I wonder where he get his gear at, The Fetus Gap?
I don't give a f** if you think you the sickest kid in your squad
You're a coward with the f**ing voice of Nicki Minaj
Hold on! Last four! Q, back to you
I put my life into my lyrics, you rap to pretend
I terminate careers, you never had one to end
And here's the last thing I have to say to your crew!
f** you, f** you, You're cool, f** you!

[Round 3: QP]

You know how everybody in Oakland know you s**?
If that sh** was true about me, why the whole time he didn't he open that folder up?
I said Jewish devil, let me ask you how your life has been as Satan
Probably hell, [holy swell?] like when this kike got into Dayton
I'm a leave you sweatin' like blacks back when whites was integratin'
And had this Brown Paper Bag fag hyperventilatin'
I said it's amazing, that hair goes perfectly with your IQ
Being a hypocrite, why would I wanna be more like you?
You eat pig feet, bacon bits, hell pork rinds too
You said you'd eat that sh** when pigs fly, well of course swine flew
I'm like aight, fine, cool
This might be bull but I heard you got a sweet tooth for beefcakes
He wears "bi"-focals to help this fag see straight
Cause he's gay
I didn't get paid for this battle, so consider this a cheap date
I'm trying to keep this Jew "in line", but he's a cheapskate
Geek wait!
If you hear I steer clear of beef ask yourself what kind of bull is this?
Now tossin' a salad is the only time you pull a lick
A brown bag belongs in front of the door when you pull a trick
But I get it, you're a joke who thinks you're on fire when you're full of sh**
This b**h is a self-proclaimed Wizard that's into all kind of wizardry
I just think he's a bigot that's into all kind of bigotry
That nose makes you look like a woodpecker, so for barking up to this n***a tree
I'm a hit you with a German knee for Russian up, this Jew is history
Physically, he cross-dresses, how much damage you think this Wizard can cause?
He knows no magic tricks, sh** this Wizard's a fraud
They should throw him in jail, no bail, filming it all
HBO original series titled the Wizard, of Oz!
Fox hit me from the Bronx like, "Soul Khan wouldn't stand with us"
Paparazzi flashing cam, he hopping out the damn picture
You livin' in a white world like you standing in a damn blizzard
Wishes there were no black people, well wouldn't that be grand, Wizard?
Now his music's got more synthesizers than an A-kon track
Probably the reason his career hasn't seen a contract
He don't need microphones and monitors cause he's laying on tracks
He spent eight nights at home on Hannukah and still couldn't flame on wax
I'm a leave him with scars
No hands touching the fives, you a geek with the bars
No grams touching the pies, I'll tell you reach for the stars
Get your hands in the skies, and stupid I'm robbing you
So please take off that f**ing disguise

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