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QP - QP vs. QP lyrics

[Round 1: Quantum Physics]
I'm glad you don't got no cap on you
You can give us all that Rogaine picture
You got me feeling like your father, so I won't play with ya
This for the QP, that's the camera man? No way, mister
That mean John Does shooting a body of a no-name n***a
And you ain't taking my name, n***a, QP you wouldn't dare
Should've known I'm a trained lumberjack
I ain't cutting back, and that I would prepare
But if Superman out here moving faster than a speeding bullet […]
I guess the only way to slow you down from that tempo
Is to put a bullet there
You know what I don't like about you, Qleen Paper?
You spell like a teenager
Using my name for free, illiterate f**
Couldn't you even had signed a fee waiver
You don't have to be a spelling bee major or the alphabet's creator
To see that the C in 'clean' can't be Q
I'll say it again, I know it's Qleen Paper
I say who you seeing, Qleen? Can't be Q
Cause sir up and met a son that can lean Paper
See I tried to be meek, it's a nightmare, I'm the dream chaser
Created Innuendo to watch the flow I crafted as a team player
You need Miles, right?
Clicking, deleting, wiping your sleigh clean, Paper
You get paid to crack heads? No crackhead, you a freebaser
You wanna blow? Fine, I have dope lines
Since we both are coke sniffers
Just know, that'll help you overdose quicker
Based on our threads we better than them so-and-so n***as
But we ain't cut from the same fabric
Cause we ain't no where close, n***a
How should I expose n***as? Chilla Jones for real a clone
Y'all think y'all seen scheming?
See I do this all year, for me it's always scheme season
It's a winter […] I mean everything leaving
Street sweeper the whole house, some would call it spring cleaning
You squeamish, fool with the world
Let it digest you and spit you out
See that's what it does with you outcasts
As a rebel it sticks you out
Like retired umpires, you at home unsettled, you missing out
But today Qleen it's exorcism
Cause it's hard as a devil to get you out
Now there's levels of spitting writtens out
But that sh** you did in the D, I wanna start off [...]
Why sell you so short? That'll get you marked out alone
Now I knew you were roaming
Though it wasn't too smart, I condone
I know why you thought you'd get a good reception
Cause you read four bars off your phone
Now will he start off a clone and choke again?
Do you look in the crowd for the beef?
When this gangster crip is himself then the crowd's gonna see
Now out of town fans, look
Like your brother even when you miles from the D
But then you choke out of town and look like your brother…
Miles from the D!
He's probably now gonna cease
Choke up in 60 seconds, that's a minute's time
You can't work at the shoe store
With that performance, you can't finish lines
That's why each step gets blown out of proportion
When it slips his mind
But I can't say you not a real cokehead
You know us cokeheads, we don't forget the lines
Now you did switch your grind, with the QP sh**
But why'd you have to go and take the greatest?
And make yourself public enemy no. 1, you wouldn't Flavor Flav it
You a bishop? Pffft, I've never heard of faker statements
That's someone flimsy dishing it out
If you saying that Paper pleated
You made it on a whole another scale, I made way for you
The combination of the letters QP, I made it safe for you
[...] things I couldn't wait to do
No matter how you spell Qleen, Q I could still see the fake in you
The same old b**h that told you good things came in two
I'm not feeling it, oh well let me explain my aim to you
Even when you freestyle I should still get paid for Paper views
Even when you choke and freeze, I'll still get paid for Paper views
You spelled it Q-U-E-P, didn't get great reviews
Then you changed it to QP, we started beefing over mistaken views
My buzz big as a living room at the time you halt
I was making views
I'm Don King promoting you, I should get paid for pay-per view
I called Surf like "Surf, you think it's okay to sue?
Should I kidnap his b**h and kid
Since this is what it's been taken to?"
That's like taking my baby, my hard work, and my labor too
Ain't this a mother?
Cause after all my pushing this p**y breaking through
Flow nastier than hospital patient food
You'll get hospitalized
And the nurse'll bring you hospital patient food
I see you not making this [...] that's a doctor that breaks the rules

[Round 1: Qleen Paper]
n***as in the streets asked why I don't take SMACK serious
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I told 'em, it ain't that dawg, it's just that when you in the streets
f**ing with that smack it's hard to take smack serious
That sh** had me on some
"I got 50 here... 20 over here... 80 over here..."
n***a I got so confused with that math I wanted to smack Serious
Now let's stop with the games
Cause it's been a while since I hopped in this thang
And I'd be a lie if I say the block ain't the blame
But I told myself, the day I hop in the box with this lame
I might have to box with this lame
Now even though I f**ing hate you, I must thank you
Cause only reason I hopped in the game
Was cause I had seen this twat with the name
Now putting this fake a** QPeazy to rest
Might be one of the easiest debts
He ain't gon' do sh** but try to scheme me to d**h
So this a plot for the brain? Nah, hop into range
Banging Pac, before I hit his block I was cocking the thang
Caught him walking somewhere around Stock with his dame
I hopped out, cocked, put the chop to her frame
Broke her off, he got the K with the stock in exchange
You know what I don't like about your soft a**, dawg?
How the f** this n***a go from S.O.N.S. to Innuendo
Then he always do that bullsh** a** intro involving 'innuendo'
This n***a be on some
"How you gon' beat me if it ain't in you to win dough
I'm gonna end you to win dough
No it ain't in you…"—b**h that sh** mean the same thing!
But how about I put a couple holes in you and you a window
Oh? That was garbage? Well let me see, you gay
You ain't in a closet cause we all see you gay, you in a window
I really showed up this time, I ain't Finesse you b**h
Did that surprise you?
Oh, so you ain't tell all these motherf**ers
About how when was finning to battle before
And you sent that five through, and I ain't show up, b**h I fried you
Reason being: he had my n***a Cal coming all the way to Vegas
And never showed up and paid him
So guess who I gave that five to... ME, MOTHERFUCKER!!!
You know what else I don't like about your soft a**, dawg?
n***a I got a whole list of thangs, and in the midst of thangs
This faggot a** n***a gon' pic my sh** out a whole list of names
Compared to what I do on the daily, n***a this a game
If we was the same whip
I'm supercharged, the newer car in a different lane
Now I'm just trying to figure out what the faking about
Cause real talk, you ain't did half the sh** that you say you about
You ain't did half the sh** that you claim you did
And on top of that the people don't like you ain't who you say
I know, I know, I know... you ain't that n***a you say you is
Let me see, you got QP, Heartless, Remy, 100 Bulletz… Innuendo
Naw, I said if QP get heartless off that Remy
I'll throw a hundred bullets in your window!

[Round 3: Qleen Paper]
Give a f** what this nerd say
You must ain't seen the John John battle
When I told n***as f** what they heard and say
b**h, I bet you I got that third today
This about to be the most ridiculous round
Cause this sh** get more ridiculous every round, dawg
Now y'all gon' flip and go crazy after I let this round off
The f**, y'all ain't get it?
I said y'all gon' flip after I let this round off
Naw, I said dawg gon' flip after I let this round off!
I couldn't lose if I threw this fight purposely
Now if you a fan of the real QP and you be site searching me
Then you know it's no way possible this b**h might murder me
Now y'all might notice a slight urgency
With me trying to get it out
Like I'm trying to get in and out, like burglaries
Everything about this man say nice; courtesy
Me? Whenever my cash gone I throw that mask on
Like flight emergencies
Quintenn ain't tough
He would never think of anything like hurting me
He's just talking trash, I'll spark his a**, open him up, like surgery
Catch his walking a** at the bus stop, bust shots
And leave him lying on a bench, like perjury
All y'all gon' hear is: ch-ch boom, ch-ch boom, ch-ch boom...
Like that shotty spitting bombs
I'ma have everybody stretched out in this n***a yard
Looking like he holding a cla** for Pilate in his lawn
But make it fast, cause f**ing with this faking a**
Police probably get along
And ain't no fear in me bro, so let your cheerleaders know
I'm catching bodies with my arm
n***a that Glock stick to me; I am velcro strapped
You? You?! A ho for starters
n***as can tell by your whole persona
You ain't never held no straps
Up here talking about offing me
Naw, n***as be cautious about crossing me, I'm like railroad tracks
You disrespected my n***a Tall T... rest in peace, that's a real n***a
It just so happened to be that Tall T rap
"f** that n***a"? n***a I'll k** your b**h a** to bring Tall T back
Hit his block, two Glocks and that's Tall T's strap
He's talking all that Tall T this and Tall T that
What you gon' do when I send you out where Tall T at!?

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