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QP - Fresco vs QP lyrics

[Round 1: Fresco]
Yo Quantum, I'm 'bout to give yo' a** a Physics lesson
See if an object is- man let's talk about this Smith N Wesson
I let it whistle with this b**h like a cat call
All you hear is "pop pop" it's not your grandpa
I'm cutting off your circulation like a half dollar
I take a quarter of your blood like your grand daughter
See I made it out to Cali from the bunker in Sicily
Don't get your body twisted like muscular dystrophy
I'm still waving a stick like I'm conducting a symphony'
I turn your AA sponsor to a customer instantly
Picture me in your girl's mouth, she was loving the imagery
When I came inside her head like a f**ing epiphany
I'm walking out with a bag like I'm leaving a mall
Tell these people to spread the word like Peter and Paul
How many dudes hit your girl? She don't even recall
She'll throw her hair in a ponytail and face the whole team like Steven Seagal
See, I kinda had to fall back from the scene a bit
A lot of people wrote me off like a sleeper pick
Not they gotta have me on the card like a Visa chip
I should get a 100,000,000 views on a teaser clip
I got him tripping like his shoes aren't tied
You 'bout three bricks, two watches and a new car shy
Cause I'm holding big paper like the queue card guy
That's why I'm cooling (cool in) your window (Innuendo) like a rhubarb pie
Schoolyard fly, what the mean if I don't like the sh** you say
I'm putting knuckles to your chin like picture day
People didn't use to like it when I'd grip the K
I wonder if day cared the kid's blowing up like Tim Mcveigh
If he start using personal bars without letting me know
I get to airing on Fox like The 70's Show
Thermometer on my wrist said it's 20 below
I'm at the mall charging cards like Remy Lebeau
That's Gambit so I got that brown coat, how I painted the Coupe
Your girl heard about the Cold Stones so I gave her the scoop
She wanted me to fill her in when she came for the swoop
She thought I missed her (Mr.) in you window (Innuendo), who created the group?
And she can't cook, the kids are like, "We need takeout"
And they want to watch a show, so I go the PG safe route
I let 'em eat the dinner with the TV trays out
While I got mouth in the armchair like Pee Wee's Playhouse

[Round 1: QP]
I say all punchlines and hay makers
Wish you was the same gimmicks
Name flipping
E'rything blue/blue, sprayed, you and Windex got the same premise
Made sense/sents since clearly I was working with a stained image
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So when I stuck my neck out for you Innuendo (in your window) I knew you'd be a pain/pane in it
Plain Physics I broke each bar down into intervals
Individuals, magazine my motto
Cause once it hit your center fold
No real raps in your real raps, the sh** is getting old
Oh you didn't know
He won't be using personals today ask him "why?" cause he going against his general
Division goes, no outsiders looking Innuendo (in your window) we are not community
We are cut from a different cla** we are not for truancy
Envision a vision as I wink, watch my pupil think
Before I could blink he already sees/seize the opportunity
You see there's a few of us Innuendo you thinking they could fly I hate these guys
Fresco, Super Black, n***a you'd have to be crazy, why?
You think we share guns? Why would three point one four/for?
What the f** you think we crazy, why?
I guess it's blind, it should be pretty easy seeing they could die
Get it, pretty easy seeing, naked eye?
f** it, great then I can be on point as we creep up the pyramids
I'm a purebred, what you expect? These mutts to mirror this
You mixed up, ain't that a b**h
If he's such a lyricist, why he sound like seven years in one?
Cause young dawg trying to keep up appearances
Young dog, trying to keep pup, y'all got it okay f** it
I say here it is
This guy for us is bi-polar, I'll show you there's two versions
The goon lurking
Mr. Super Soaker with the tool squirting
Then it's you working
The real you that like kayaking and nude surfing
So when I wrote him in the crew it was to feel like a new person
Get it? Row team, in the crew, feel like canoe person
What are you talking about? New surface
Who knows/nose what I choose next
Each features designed to face different characteristics
These choppers (chompers) neatly applied
Grab the toy with the Potato Head his way
Yeah I'm leaving him blind
Cause I can take my pupil out in a second
How fast? In the blink of an eye
Not only do I talk about blickies but see I have a gun too
These people give you the gun title, yeah I'm that disgruntled
I said, when you gon' learn?
I'm Uma Thurman when I catch and hunt you
n***a who taught you this sk**?
Bill, now watch how fast I snatch it from you

[Round 2: Fresco] {6:30}
If people on-line really think you're number four in the world
Then that paints a really bad picture like The Saurus's girl

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