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QP - Chilla Jones vs QP lyrics

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]
10 battles in ten months; it's like I'm in a tour
But I'm in a door, but wait a second, give me a minute or
I'm bringing ratchets out, like a Erica Mena tour
Show your homies around, like I'm giving your men a tour
As quick as a minute tour, your men are tore
Being bull-headed getting your man bodied like a Minotaur
Yeah, this is war
Cross the line, you getting roughed up
I said I'd never take you, but I'm here, so you done lucked up
I made Conceited pump his brakes
Now I got his heir against the ropes being stuck up
But that's a synonym scheme I made Conceited pump his(pompous) brakes
Now I got his heir against(arrogance) the ropes being stuck(-)up
Soon as the gun cock he (cocky) ducking big heads
From the Eagle (ego) trip and you getting f**ed up
But what, now you wanna be humble and try to change the plot?
The stainless Glock, steel cock on his roof, weather vain (weather vane) or not
But even if I rush more (Rushmore) with the pen, I rap ill
I don't ever rest (Everest), and these (Andes) type lines you lack still
Showing him a layer (Himalaya) of penmanship that's real
A Range of wordplay, you ain't amounting to this cat's sk**s (Catsk**s)
It's getting Rocky for you, I'm too clever
You falling off, and to sum it (summit) up, I'm at my peak
That's why my views better
You should've knew better Q
Now you got to play scrambler
Or I'ma whip out a knife, and let a blade damage ya
Wait till your cheek get sewed up and they bandage ya
Then y'all seeing Stitches getting punched, I'm Game's manager
I had Saga looking like a lame amateur
I could've swept through that whole cla** and played janitor
They gon' have to change cameras, they gon' have to hold the time
Your plasma getting splattered on the lens if I'm unloading nines
What up Q? Before you respond (respawn)
Blood coming down the screen, y'all gon' think we playing GoldenEye
And Quentin thought the culture lied, like, “The votes on them polls is madness.”
Who's the Kingpen? Well, if I don't hold the status, then Zone should have it
But Jones established, with loads of cla**ics proving my foes are average
That's why they dial us (Dallas), cause with the mark Q been (Mark Cuban)
He should own the Mavericks
I'm loading ‘matics, but back in the day I was way saner
Starting peeling (pilling) and packing pounds with no weight gainer
Could've aimed the can at Brixx (bricks), like a spray painter
But squeezing on this b**h gon' make for a better body like a waist trainer
You a straight hater I'm know you want to be the d**h of me
Yeah, but I beat every S.O.N. clear
Why would you step to me?
I make quick work of these jerks, and do it impressively
Stopping the S.O.N.S. like that
sh** feel like half of a sec to me (vasectomy)
You disrespected me, saying you would retire you if you lose a round
Oh you mean, like a car? That's some tactical stuff
Cause a car has to re-tire if it loses a round
Well at least now you know why I'm jacking you up
Now am I rapping too tough?
That's cause I'm hot-headed, fever pitching
Bury his whole fam', but make sure his wife the lowest (Lois) like Peter Griffin
I'm heater gripping, he'll be paraplegic, feeling like his feet is kicking
But looking at his legs, wondering why the femurs (FEMA's) missing
Like Katrina victims
You need a system, and a**istance, to beat me in this ring. In fact
Here's a tip: bars ain't enough to k** me
You better bring a strap
Here's another tip: don't rewind none of your lines and try and bring it back
You copy? Now you stuck with a couple pointers like a Chinese finger trap
See the thing is that, besides this battle, you ain't got sh** to lose
What you gon do, say that I'm boring and I make n***as snooze?
Say I stole my whole style from you, but you came with some iller moves
Then use bars from up and comers, and say that's the sh** that Chilla do?
That's too predictable
It's like your obsessed with me, oddly
I bet, you've played this match up out in your dreams probably
I'm just tryna beat my last performance, it seems cocky
Got to make sure the punches heavy, the schemes godly
But you really think I'm focused on Q.P.? Hardly
I ain't even see this b**h on the card, I'm Steve Harvey
I know some people say I sound like you
But I will never be a motherf**ing clown like you

[Round 1: QP]
Who wore the pants that Chilla wore today? Nobody
n***a you Keith Sweating
You in a tight(s) situation
n***a, these leggings
Speaking of these leggings, you probably had aaah aaaah to to squeeze each leg in
It's nothing to chalk and outline these squares; that's hopscotch
With that Tommy, he'll figure (Hilfiger) it out as soon as it crop tops
n***a, you won't beat me
Rain, sleet, hail, snow, n***a hell no
Under no conditions
Not Chilla the stealer
What we finna to talk about? I suppose it's snitching?
What we talking ‘bout, n***a?
The coke addiction, the hoes, the pimping, the ghosting, tripping, the stolen chicken
What we talking ‘bout, n***a?
Swave wilding out (Wild'n Out), Con, the other Khan, the Jew, Soul‘ll visit
What we talking ‘bout, n***a?
The Maury Show, the story goes how I had my hoe and both my twins
And, what we talking ‘bout, n***a?
To separate from Yellow Tape in the second day and roll in bricks
And how ‘bout we talk about
The cab he came in, the tax he claiming, and how he been so dependent
And how he call himself Kingpen because behind bars n***a, you known for snitching
See, I (C.I.) know you'll roll over on your co-defendant for a lower sentence
He hates to steal bars, but don't judge him, cause he do it with no conviction
n***a, you're not top tier at Smack anymore, I'm not trying to offend you
Smack gave you life on Easy Street based on the comp that they give you
Last guy, you didn't have to study for, Prep, he had scholar potential
Then they gave you another no-name; what was his name?
Oh yeah, Th3 Saga continues
They say this clown got the “It” juice, something I couldn't ignore
In my head, dice rolling, like I done seen this woofing before
No, in my Head ICE role, and, I done seen this Wolfing before
He think he unruly cause he battle n***as with one foot in the door
n***a, I was booking whooping before slaving, long before you ever got a boat ride
I was Hanz on the way over, out of control my hands were on the boat tide
I was Prepping to Smack you new n***as out of your boat ties
Way before you prepped to smack NuNu's n***a out of his bow tie
Both eyes on my pupil, I had to examine your past
You were in that loner boat, you know, where every friendship skips past
Too shy to raise his arm and lift a hand in a clash
You got to understand that he bash..ful, a personality that a mannequin has
n***a, I'ma show you how to liven it up, n***a and with the swag
Look it, lyrically and physically with the punches and with pizzazz
Get it? Lyrically with the punches and.. with pizzazz
But physically with the punches and.. whip his a**?
n***a, you looking for gore, then (Gordon) I'll be back in a Flash
I'll leave this gig, then come right back in a Flash
Like, “Remember me?” See, now, timing's what I happen to have
I'ma keep it G real with you, cuz

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]
When I went to Angryfan's Facebook group, and I seen n***as in there diss me
I hit up Angryfan like, “Get me on air quickly
I need you to set up the next show and get it clear with me.”
Then I thought about it
These n***as only use scandals to keep your ears busy
They don't want the truth, they want the ratings, they don't care really
So I switched up, like f** it, cause Angryfan ain't gon play fair with me
Maybe I'm bipolar, and don't pan the (Panda) camera
I'ma answer all the rumors you hear swiftly
Been on my grizzly, but be cool, I'll a(koala)ddress it, just bear with me
Yeah, dig me
If it seems like I'm giving off a murder vibe
It's cause I want to steal on you for the verbal lies that you verbalized
But why waste a punch?
If he sees me throw a duke, he dropping
My hands certified
sh**. But that's a synonym scheme:
Why (waste) a punch? If (feces) me throw a (dookie dropping)
My hands certified
Truth is, he's deterred (turd) by the sh** cause I'm a newer(manure) breed
But he prefer the lies (fertilize)
Every battle I put on a show, from the moment that the curtains rise
Cursing life's curses and writing verses til it hurts inside
For what it's worth
sh** I know what it look like to y'all, I admitted that when I first denied
But it was so ridiculous to me at first, it wasn't worth replies
As most of y'all dismissed it, and it climbed up in it's hearse to die
QP used his energy to keep the controvers' alive
He analyzed every word and line to see what he could search and find
And, what a shocker
Over twenty-five battles, some coincidences occurred it's fine
But now y'all think I watch battles from smaller leagues and research for lines
Which is absurd, but y'all doubt me on my word, like it's the perfect lie
This clown should be in the circus, he ain't what he seem on the surface side
If y'all can't tell he has a motive or a purpose why, then your circuits fried
Y'all thought this perp‘ll (purple) slide
Like I ain't gon' black on him? That would be a blunder
After you brown-nosed Angryfan, my angry fans began to tweet a brother
Then something I read(red) blew(blue) me away, ‘bout how you steal deposits
Aren't(orange) you the one taking green from others?
But I ain't gon yell o(yellow)ver the sh**
Just know if we collide, a scope (kaleidoscope)'ll have you seeing colors
I know; those bars were basic and inferior for rhymers
But everything ain't for the cam, y'all
I brought a color scheme for the room like interior designers
Here's a reminder: you go hard, but I go harder
Think you can win? I don't fault ya, but I don't falter
You just follow my every move like a psycho stalker
Now you're career's on the line like a tightrope walker
I'm gon chalk ya
This how karma do you
If your angel here (hair), alarm your boo boo
And if she prego, then I'm airing near her (marinara) stomach, drawing two tools
It's shells over sauce when what I pull is on ya (lasagna) noodle
How come every time you pen a (penne) line
You act like I'm the best impostor (pasta)?
Well I'll put bucks in the stock, n***a, show you how to invest a dollar
Did that shock you?
Oh well, I'm just trying to send a message proper
Then I'm shocking your dogs' necks like electric collars
Holler back, I'll follow, you and your Miss, Q
I won't miss, no miscue, they'll be saying, “we miss Q.”
The pistol I wave move crews (cruise) and leave them sea sick;
The ratchet lick a (liquor) shot off the body like a freak b**h
Not to mention, if I'm at you with a sub, it ain't a sneak diss
It'll sit you down just to pick you up like a ski lift
This the Kingpen
Y'all think he going vers' me for the name?
My sh** is Magic; he just trying to prove he Worthy in the game
Play hero(-)in(e) O.D. for trying to murder me in vain (vein)
And get bucks from the pound like currency exchange
I'm insane
I know some people say I sound like you
But I will never be a motherf**ing clown like you

[Round 2: QP]
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Y'all indecisive on that first round? That's what you make of Q?
If I lift the cal (cow) on him, is that still debatable (debate a bull)?
I ain't Mickey, this ain't Disney, but I came many (Minnie) of miles on him
Your clique ain't got a father figure for any, then I'll son them
I'll sit your whole circle down while spinning a round on him
You know, duck, duck, goose, you know, Indian style on him
We clocking these rounds on a old timer or a watch?
n***a, let's decide
Against Daylyt I got cut a minute short, that's sixty seconds; fine
Go against the agreement here, and I get anything less than time
And I get stopped, watch and get clocked, soon as I get pressed for time
n***a, your Tecs and nines?
I don't want to hear your about your f**ing bars with a gun; it's a fable
I know you gon ignore the sh** and rap about the sh** one minute later
I'm the DJ: every time, I'm in the club with a banger
I got a revolver so big, when it's slugs in the changer
I need a court recess for me just adjusting its chambers
Aim at y'all necks, Friday, done, I'm already on the move with
My cousin, for the record, shopping: I'm Craig on his new trip
J.J., Dede, remember the chocolate Payday story he told Roach after only two hits?
That just go to show you, like Craig, since a kid, I been on that pool sh**
Brew wits; potions, elixirs, shots, potions, remedy;
sh** that'll play with your mind, and invoke you mentally
I'll unfriend you on Facebook, my n***a, then come poke you physically
Then hold a spoon to your open wound to add insult (salt) to injury
He say, “See, like my GPS, I ain't never lost.”
See, it's lines like that, and robbing like a b**h, I should Set It Off
For wilding, I should hire a hit man and pay the extra cost
Cause you'd be more beneficial dead. What's that? Better offed
I had to head east to find a bird this soft; faster foes peep
He didn't want to take me. He's piano lessons: ask him low key
n***a, but I text him all caps with a mad emoji
Trying to back out. I made him do it. Chilla, now that's a cold feat(feet)
This n***a came in the game fronting the Kingpen;
See old Jerome here the same as Ross
How you get here with the RICO, n***a, when you never paid the cost?
I don't buy bull(bible); that's ungodly. Pray; I just can't exhault
They call me GodPen, ‘cause this is how Jesus would've came across
I pray to God: I say, “it's through you I do everything.” Yep, that's what I told the lord
They say me and him in the same boat, when we ain't even close for sure(shore)
I'm the captain; skip a n***a who ain't never been on a boat before
No, I'm the captain, skipper, n***a. Who ain't never been on a boat before?
Is C(sea) sick? ‘Cause now I see a n***a going overboard
Lock you up, close the doors, n***a, you taking the charge
C.O. Jerome here probably think he's safe with the guards
n***a, you catching wreck in the bathroom, or it's straight to the yard
You KingPen, but you ain't Chapo, you not escaping this bars
Now that was fire; I was gonna chill, but sh**, I'm just getting warmed up
I mean I swear. It's gon be the first time somebody in jail got smoked;
You KingPen in this joint? Good. Take this L(el), Chapo
n***a, you always come with the toy lit(toilet); by now you'd think it was seeking
You like Dot with the punches how you always reach at the peak end
You always doing a stretch. I guess it's ‘cause you think you a KingPen
But this n***a probably wake up from sleep and he's scheming
This n***a wake up, fold your blanket before you go and get a coffee
Put on your white Iversons, say some sh** like, “Yo, this sh** is saucy.”
n***a you walk around reaching all day. I know it get exhausting
You walk through a plethora of butterflies like, “Yo, get ‘em off me, get ‘em off me.”
You what Chilla told me? Beat him, become a winner. My climate would then feel
Like my fans be through the roof; oo. Nice, it's a win(d) mill
You crack me up. What're(water) you thinking? That's ice on the windshield
I don't know how cold your goal is, but mine is win(d), Chill
You got lost and found yourself in somebody else's jacket
When you got out the freeze
You taking raps off-hand; cut the crap. This is how you thief
Running with that jester, you're a clown to me
Go ahead and steal(steel) all around to the point they got to crown you king
I'll use commercial transportation to try to help explain his fault
Him and his crews(cruise) in the same boat, washed up, never taking off
That carry-on line you stole from Big T? n***a, plain(plane) was cough
When you bus(t) a flow, it's with somebody else's train of thought

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]
Until now, every league that tried to set this up, I refused it
I only took you, 'cause I said in my head, “f** it, it's time to do it.”
Y'all say my luck's(Lux) up like he gon show up with a coffin and put me right into it
I tuned it out. For the record, I juke boxes like diner music
If he lose it, he'll say New York is biased, so why should Brooklyn choose him?
He said his battles, I look and viewed them
For techniques, then I took and used them
Y'all seen Q lend e'rry(culinary) art to me, right?
Now watch me cook and(cooking) school him
This crook foolin y'all
For that, I'll make his life span shorter
I don't like you. You a dishonest, pill-popping gram snorter
You say a lot of sh** about the boy up on them camcorders
But now that we adjacent, state them(Jason Statham) like the Transporter
Lemme state mines. I don't like how every year his crew switch
You came in repping SONS, now you found other dudes to move with
Then you got all buddy buddy with Born, on some new(Nu) sh**;
Nowadays it's Qleen in(cleaning) his ear givin Q tips
Truth is, sh** never ends in your crew's favor
Where was the bail money when Bonnie got Booked?
When Born was couch hopping, where was Nu's(news) paper?
Remy owed money out in St. Louis
He was ducking Magazines from them tool sprayers
But Bro sure(brochure) act like getting money is in they true nature
Fronting like your groups major. Innuendo
Where if you ain't with it then we… in ya window
But if you with it when it's finished, in the end you win dough
The kid's getting spanked by the ruler; I ain't a N-U-N though
I made it though to see a scenario where in the end you win though
I mean your second round was fire, but no I'm bout to smoke QP
sh**, I guess in the end you endo
A pin code: I'm money on these battle rap stages
Your baby moms already expose your battle rap wages
I bet you brought every punch in your notebook, back to back pages
But you make twelve hundred a year off battle rap
You should go back to Backpages
Outrageous. Every year you out here snitching and saying names
Creating scandals for your peers for a quick few days of fame
And meanwhile, you rely on being an escort for making change
Your Backpage ads say, "If you're male, it's extra.” What's “extra”?
And I ain't playing games
He gave his old b**h an STD, left her burning, and she hate the pain
That's why his ex-ting wish a(extinguisher) big can would spray the flame
It's lame. So what you gon say? I should hit you up for ghostwriting
'cause there's a lot of things you can help me with?
n***a you s** dick for money. As far as I'm concerned, you can't tell me sh**
You unhealthy b**h. I'ma show y'all this fiend is stupid
I'll take him(Kim) to my connect out in Brooklyn
Figure out which door he in(Dorian) and lead them through it
And I'll be Frank like, "Q came Miles, and L(Andell)'s ain't working;
The weed is useless
He took an X pill on the way here, so, sh**, I figure a little mo' E sh'(Moesha) do it.”
I told you, my man a modern day Escobar
Then I left, and he got swarmed by the set so hard
They took his sneaks, took his phone, even his metro card
So you could say I played Q better than Fredro Starr
Bars. But I ain't tryna call cops to arrest Q
I told y'all I came for the k**. I'ma rest Q
Let's go. Fresco better come to your rescue
It's true. I'm a big dog, ready to crash barriers;
Ironic how your name is Qleen but you back terriers(bacterias)
He scarier than most, but you could lie some more
Acting like you a gangsta that bring rivals war
Who put batteries your back? Check his spinal cord
You'll look and(N) see(C) double A's like the Final Four
Lord. It's a new day fam
So when you think who got the juice
Put my face in the picture(pitcher) like the Kool-Aid Man
Damn. You thought you would win, and that's why you losing now
But what did you expect Q? You always been a loser clown
It's time you should retire, 'cause we all seen you lose a round
Against Mr. Jump-to-Top-Tier-from-the-Proving-Grounds

[Round 3: QP]
Go ‘head, Chilla. I only do coke, and you keep trying to say it's crack
Keep bringing up the male escorting sh**; well b**h, you fitting to pay for that
So you a writer and Uber driver. Kick your sh** into gear
You battled me ‘cause you said your daughter had a wishlist this year
So you hook her(hooker) up with Jon Dough; now you the pimp it appears
My gift happens to be why your daughter gets Christmas this year
This sh** just gets weird
I mean, battle rapping it, taxi cabbing it, I don't know many that would
But if the pay is what you say, then I guess really he should
I mean, you're jobless; it's a fair opportunity, there's ain't plenty of joobs
I'll spell it out for Chill, a J-O, any(N-E) is(S) good
And when he in hoods, you got to understand it looks
A little weird you in your rear-view as each demand getting took
I ain't talking Smack, but I got a ‘ac, n***a, where you can get booked
You make an arm and a leg just walking on people hand and foot
This man chin, look. Before I even start rapping in here
I got to address Chilla's unsuitable razor bumps; they been slacking for years
All's well that ends swell; that's what's happening here
Did the keloids crawl down from the back of your ear?
Got to your jaw like, “All right, start unpacking, we're here.”
Did that get under your skin? Good, n***a, it matches your beard
As it appears, you've been faced with a bunch of hard bumps
Are you abreast that under your neck maybe you got a couple large lumps?
I'ma box you then re-box you and let you attach a large pump
To connect the dots on the neck you got to that Lettie Debbie Star Crunch
n***a them sh**s is juice pack fruit snacks; every one he cut gushes
The goat's girl got, it's got a little bumpy, but f** her
I mean, she like, you know how it be. I know your honey must suffer
When morning s** expose your neck
What's she see when your honey nut? Clusters
I'll bump the goat right here. I'm just waiting for this sh** to pop
I make the swipe, p**y, break out. Just know that this pimp ‘ll(pimple) knot
The side of your head. Slow it down. Oo. Those are temple shots
Get it? Slow it down, the side of your head: those are both temples. Hot
Simple thought. You Uber-smart. Not only cabbing, but you hype hype
Lot hype like your favorite song is rapping
n***a, Qleen popping with me;
Two-choppa ‘sembly. When these chrome is clapping
Both them b**hes singing. That's Tamar and Toni Braxton
We'll turn the inside of your whip into a Queenzflip song reaction
He known for snatching. Nothing original about none of your raps
Umbilical cord: boy, you could see sons(SONS) is attached
Then you copy like a b**h, and got the stomach to match
n***a them razor bumps the only time you've made something from scratch
n***a you f**ed with a cat who ain't f**ed with; it's cap
n***a, he beat his self, it's the same
You call yourself Chilla still(steal), n***a, that in itself it explains
You KingPen? That's got to be the most selfish of claims
Don't shy(Chi) away from these two L's, ey(A), I'm spelling your name
n***a, you fell in a grave, stealing sh**. Kid that you morbidly would do
The flows you're taking's your motivation and forcibly the muse
It's hard to digest; I just, upchuck orally when you
Come up on up-and-comers like fifty-eight names who don't normally get views
But it's the Patriot Act; see, his game tape's getting formally reviewed
Catching up to you, I guess you bit off more than you could chew
If you beat me a round, I'll retire. No flipping word-spin
I'll retire, as in, n***a, no longer working
I got to win every round; my career's going on thirty
No; I'ma win every round. My career's going on. Thirty
Qleen Paper on Traphouse: n***a, I ain't showing no mercy
First thing's first thing. W on my porch, don't be stupefied
Especially taking my steps to blow up; n***a, you using mine
You coke reaching; I start teaching the moment I toot a line
They call me GodPen, cause cross me, and Jesus, you'll get crucified

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