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Q - HatfieldFiends lyrics


[Verse 1: Q]

Ok my G, roll a duby
Moving at the speed of a bunny
Slow it down a bit for freddy
Q in line for this testimony
Why everbody acting funny
Comedy branded a crazy tendancy
Thats why i laugh at n***as
Trynda be , he , that I be
See it ain't a mother f**en conspiracy
Coz im still King of this hill
Billy had a plan to travel futher
Into the galaxy
So he could cop a feel
On how it feels to
Be a f**ing star
See what u did there buddy
Running so fast , upset your tummy
With your girl , in bondage bandages - i call her my egyption mummy
I put these kats in a f**ing pyramid
Call it acient history
But ive already done discovered it
Like archilogical pottery

[Hook: XVR & St Psychedelic]

Oh, look at me, breaking down trees planting all my seeds on these
Pretty please, come to hatfield where the gra** is green and drop that, Oh!

Down with the sh**, drink this, smoke this, get down with the sh** and, OH!
Down with the sh**, drink this, smoke this, get down with the sh** and, OH!

[Verse 2: Psychedelic]

Stop drop hold on
Let me get my flow on
Let me get your b**h to my place and lemme put my dick on
Her titty, yeah I do that sh**
My Dick yes shes on top of it
I'm Tryna do her properly
So I can get her property
Prophecies aligned with me say I'mma die inside my sleep
Now I'm living in a dream and I just want to fall asleep
Beyonce goin ring the alarm
You want beef well go to the farm
I can cause all bodily harm
Punchline game and I ain't using an arm
Forty seven b**hes fought in forty seven fortresses
Forty seven agents fought for forty seven morgages
For forty seven years mcees have been committing fellonies
But I'm just a rap smith, all your raps are forgeries

[Verse 2: Pharoah]

I go hard when I see your ho
[Lyrics from: https:/]

Sipping nake and getting loose
Loose bish, getting loose
What you know bout jimmy choo
Getting faded f** rules
Ak on these f**en fools
Raa raa die ho
And you know I've been a pro
Pa** pa** make it possible
Till all I see is many hoes
All l roll is 24's
Sitting on the couch n***a all I see is music notes
Paper clips and money trees, making sure im ever gree
Forever lean, smoking on collard green, mk is so bloody mean
Pull triggers on the sixteen, chapel, Yea I'm blazing green
Cause mk is a hippie fiend. pause.. mk is a f**en fiend
Touch your girl I might tho, skyfing on your bones bro, hustling that a** yoe, some come here and putcho


[Verse 3: TWD]

I'm jumping buildings spidermanning
Many hoes on the web, I'm virus scanning
She tweeted my handle, then she handled my d*ck
This d*ck is spamming, friends and foes
We puff puff pa**, then we puff puff gra** like high cla** cats
Hands up! We know IT
We don't browse the web, we KushIT!
X crushed the game, Q rolled IT
Yeah, we rolled It, we rolled IT
We put Da Tree on a crutch, then we put IT to bed
Reminiscing old memories like a video ca**et
Green screen TV's? Riddle me that!
I think I need a line right after this
Cuz after this, it's an Exodus
Moses leading the Ezraelites
We spoke to a buring bush then..

[Verse 4: XVR]

Oh, no, I don't need that snow
On my greens on my lean, p**y and patron is all i need
I'm just beaming, being me
Don't buy this sh** I get IT for free
This little lighter of mine, amma let IT shine
Hitting litmus on these dimes
Hitting jackpots when i come
She jacked me of,she said i could rhyme
I piped her down and raised her gardens
Smoked some flowers-polinated
I beez in the trap, I'm beasting
Some shots to the head-the recipe for the dream
Eh eh eh eh, I dont know what to say, blurr
Gucci, mzwa k**ed it, f** this sh** im Audi
Amma grab on these TT's
On these BMee's, got b**hes on my DEZE's
I'm just feeling IT like Stevie, for really...


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