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Q - Dope Thoughts lyrics

Lemme Kick A Flow Fresh From The Dojo
Freeze Frame Lets Us Chill Live In Slow Mo
I'm Feeling Like Everdays Moving So Slow
Or I'm Just Medicated Living In My Own Zone

Gimme Slim King Blues Add The Haze Then We On Our Way
Late Nights With The Dudes Heading Out To Space
This Is The Life I Live And Man I Wouldn't Change For sh**
So Light An L And Forgot About The World

Take A Trip To Memory Lane Reminisces About The Day
When I Didn't Have sh** Or When I Won My First Ball Game
I Don't Wanna Die A Normal Dude
Whats My Purpose In This World What Am I Menna Do

Never Gonna Be Another Slave To The Trades
Finna Hit Stage Roll Haze Kick Raps Everyday
Your Girl Think I'm Cute So Sweet Like Candy Cane
I Come Peace But I Break The Rules

Its Just The Way I Am The Way I Was In School
The Way I Am Today Ill Never Change At All
But I Keep Moving With This Music That I Bring For You
And If They Play Me Then They Play Me

If They Hate Me Then They Hate Me
90's Kid Bumping sh** From The 80's
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And Dear Mum, I'm Sorry If I Ever Let You Down
You The Reason I Don't Quit Because I Wanna Make You Proud

So Dope Dropping Rhymes Up On The Melody
Wanna Earn Paper Out Here Without Selling Trees
Cherish Each Day Because We Only Have Memories
Hope To Leave Some History So I Won't Be A Mystery

To All The Cats That Don't Believe In Me
Trust Me When I Say You Ain't Never Seen The Best Of D
Evidently Evident That I Be Showing Evidence
Erupting With This Rapping Other Rappers Lacking Elements

Freak Out When I Freestyle Hippy Like A Free Child
Live A Little Be Wild
Who Woulda Thought The Kid Would Rhyme So Nice
Chilly Chill Frost-D's Finna Freeze This Mic

All I Know In This Life Of Mine Is That Its Just Keeps Going On
And I Be Keeping Real Today Until The Day That I Am Gone
Ive Never Really Changed I'm Just Learning My Own Ways
They Following The Trends While I'm Studying The Game

Everybody Wants To Be Some One
Everybody Wants To Be Some One
Let Me Be Something

Let Me Be Something. Let Me Be Something. Let Me Be Something

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