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Q Lyrica - Voodoo lyrics

[Verse 1: Q Lyrica]
These n***as know I'm nice
They already know my flow
Been in the game for a minute
They already call me GOAT
And I ain't never held 45s
But I know what a bullet can do
It all a starts off with a bang
And it ends with a hold in your brain
You'll never make money being lyrical
I guess my career is critical
But I'm bout to fix the game
I guess you can say I'm pivotal
Look how far I done came
Still far from my goals
You can get high now
Still not far from crashing
Always been the quietest in the cla**
Never let it show that I'm stuttering
Now I'm the loudest in my cla**
Making sure that they hear what I'm hollering
Everybody knows that the boy spits remedy
Healing by the word were the words at my christening
k**ing every thought that ever thought of ever k**ing me
My boy making moves seas are you kidding me?!
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[Verse 2: Q Lyrica]
These n***as know I flow like a shark in the deep k**ing all
Hit the square, have a whale of a time
I've been off now I'm on on my grind
Had a scare when I thought of addiction
But well have an addiction
Everything that gives us satisfaction
I don't wanna preach on this turn up
When you hear my voice please turn up
The volume on your speakers and let the world know
That Q is a force to be reckon with
Razor sharp, I'm nothing you should metal with
k** 'em all give 'em hell for the hell of it
If I spit it then believe that I'm living it
And if I wrote it then sure I'll deliver it
The mail man at your door looking devilish
Imma tell you like a n***a told me
Only cop wheels if your n***as down to ride
Only buy a ring if your lady ride to die
Never start a fight, let a b**h n***a try
For those who have failed but still there to try
Keep your heels on the rise, and your eyes in the price
For the pain that you feel is the pain that I felt
When I gave it my all
And got an F on my test

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