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Q Lyrica - This One lyrics

[Chorus 1]
I just wanna rap on this one
Slow it down, make you feel good on this one
I carry no guns, no knifes on this one
In other words, I don't want war on this one

[Verse 1: Q Lyrica]
My brush strokes can be compared to Pica**o
First white man I ever saw was Jesus
Pictures on the wall
Is that who we pray to?
Looking at my granny 'fore she dashed to praise him

[Chorus 2]
I just wanna rhyme on this one
If you got the fire light it up on this one
My n***a Belo rolling up one on this one
But I won't hit it, I don't wanna tweak on this one

[Verse 2: Q Lyrica, Kabelo, Jessie & Abdul]
My flow is fresh like new clothes out the package
I'm like the only n***a reppin' Q on campus
(Qwaqwa in the building!), love on this one
I'll be the star, hope I don't fall at night time
There's no lies on this one
Telling the truth like a got my hand on the bible
Telling the kids that I'm not the one to look up to
I got my flaws, plenty mistakes to learn from
Uh, its a party every time we link up
And we ain't stopping til we see police come
Haha, Abdul remember that?
(Yeah n***a)
The police came through and took us all to down town
Cramped in the back of the car taking pictures
Memories of a goodnight
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I saw it as an omen to good life
I think its only fair that I say this
(Ain't know party like a Sick Pride party
'cause a Sick Pride party don't stop, what
Ain't know party like a Sick Pride party
'cause a Sick Pride party don't stop)

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3: Q Lyrica]
A good girl got head and brains too
I like a who is more than a pretty face
Knew it was over when she said she needs space
Give her the galaxy, try to save face

[Chorus 2]

(I'm feeling good)
On this one
(I feel love)
On this one
(feel like I'm the best)
On this one
(n***a give me the crown)
Hell yeah on this one

This has a summer time feel to it
I need summer time spins to it
My pen crazy, hope that I could touch the world through it
Compose a song, hope that I could see the world through it
The money came fast watch it leave that quick
Lemme keep it short lemme be that brief
If your faith is strong you can wrestle with God
Make sure your hands clean 'fore you eat with the gods

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