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Q Lyrica - Road To AF II (Baby Cry freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1: Q Lyrica]

It started off with a pen and pad just getting off
Spit to my n***a and the n***a said, n***a damn
You might be on to something, and I ain't bullsh**ting
We can hit Lusaka to record if you cool with it
But at the time I wasn't ready though
Had a lot to say but my fear wouldn't let me go
Shy as a virgin, cla** clown was a diversion
Hated the old me so became a better version
Confidence to the roof looking over the highest tower
They named me after a king my fate is to k** a giant
I know you n***as weak, your circle is full of cowards
The realest are all around me
The G-east are all above me
Working to build a kingdom
Before I become a legend
Legends are on my radar
The Skwatta and the Illusion
Came up on k**er verses
My verses roll up in hearses
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Closet is spilling over
I'm over you n***as yapping
Bout swagging, dabbing and trapping
Let believers believe it
I'm athei and spittin' ether
Overloading the speaker
Im speaking whats never spoken
Lying in the confession
The truth is that am a sinner
Smile is never broken
I wear it to hide the pain
Telling me that am missing am steady working my aim
Don't ask me how i differ cause we are one and the same
Every rapper today, wanna claim to be king
This is the game of thrones
She said that i'm a dog
I said baby
Throw me the bone
Or imma jump the fence and get a plate from a neighbor
I see you reading books that say a whole lot of nothing
Quit thinking like a man and be a grown man's woman

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