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Q Lyrica - Relax lyrics

You know life, life is full of quotes, hints and directions to let you know how it goes. And all you need to do, all you need to do. Is listen just listen. You know most of the times, we're always trying to prove that we are better or smarter than the next person and we forget to listen. So I was listening to one of my favorite rappers, and he said something that stuck with me. He said: "We are all born to die nigga, until then lets get money"

[Verse 1: Q Lyrica]
Sowing seeds so I could reap paper
Niggas bleed so whatchu scared of?
Pity the fool, it's a pity he won't pity ya
Show me a rat that doesn't like cheddar
I dont hate on people who got money
I'm just puzzled by these niggas who act funny
Like money ain't everything, the root of all evil will never bring you happiness

I mean dawg, what do you mean?
You mean to tell me that people like waking up in the morning?
Go to a job they dont even like?
Smile at bosses they don't like?
I can bet you R1 right now, if the powers that be decide that every employee will get their salary at the end of the month without doing any work!
Nobody will show up for work
I mean nobody!!!

[Verse 2: Q Lyrica]
This what your favorite rapper don't sound like
And this is what originality sounds like
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They say my rhymes are too tight for the limelight
Q is still alive but they already have a box for me?
Hmm, I guess I spit blasphemy
Making my bed so one day I lay comfortably
Pray for better days before the fat lady's symphony
I heard some niggas got it out for me
I'm chasing dreams while you niggas are counting sheep
No heavy machines, the pen is my artillery
Writing essays and I write my name lyrically
Bonding with these girls because we got chemistry
Loving the wrong one the right way will be the death of me
Yea the flow is cold but I ain't done, I'm just warming up
Doing nothing and you wonder why things never change?
Learn to bake 'cause the piece of the pie is not enough
Is not enough (is not enough)
The piece of the pie is not enough (is not enough)
Is not enough (is not enough)
I said the piece of the pie is not enough

[Outro - Q Lyrica & Kabelo Khanye]
Relax (juss relax), smoke some (and smoke some)
Relax (relax), drink some (hahaha)
Ay, ay, ay 'Belo my nigga, where the Gin and Juice at?
Where the Gin and Juice my nigg?
Thirsty like a muhfucker

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