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Q Lyrica - Bottomline lyrics

[Into: Q Lyrica]
Its Eric G on the beat and
Its just me on the rhymes and
I thank you for listening
I hope you enjoy this

[Verse 1: Q Lyrica]
See the threw it from the top and they found it at the bottom
He's used to sitting at the top but now he's chilling at the bottom
Without a fear, without a doubt, I guess the bottomline
What goes up must come down
If I know I have it all, I guess I have to bank it all
And if everything must fall, I guess I'm rising for the fall
Hiphop gave out a ring, me I'm just answering the call
And hoping that I stay fly, and not come down
Its that time of the season, and she's going through changes
Fake friends show true colors, unveiling their second faces
Its funny how love changes when she is no longer on stages
But she won't let it stick and stone her, and break her down
People will always like you when you do it how they like it
Turn around and then they hate you when you do it how you like it
That's why I never struggle, what's the point of even fighting when you know the is no love in the heart of the town?


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[Verse 2: Q Lyrica]
I told them like this
Lyrically this you dudes can never whoop me
I tell a rapper jump in if he feeling froggie
They say they killing but when I see them they do the dougie
Dancing around in skinny jeans, they rhymes are so sloppy
I'm pure knowledge you young rappers can study me
Forbidden thoughts, your school teachers will never teach
It ain't a thing for me to sit down and flex a muscle
With four bars I fly kites over your 32s
My 16s put a full stop to your rap career
Speaking of flying I was so high I saw Aliyah
She said at first if you don't kill 'em then try again
If you the shit, I get tissue and wipe the stain
A writer's block is not an issue if you off the top
But substance becomes an issue when you never write
And if they ask you don't feel ashamed
Go ahead and tell them
You learned that from Qwaqwa's own lyrical assassin


[Outro:Q Lyrica]
It go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Mirror mirror on the wall
I'm the baddest of them all
Line them up, shoot them all

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