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Q Lyrica - lyrics

[Intro: Q Lyrica]x2
1 2 1 2 1 2
This is audio frequency

[Verse 1]
(four), is a finger short from a hand out
I never ask, I never take unless I work for it
Work, in my feet I prefer to be
On the shelf like Common's album, I wanna be

[Verse 2]
(Eight), pardon a brother if I'm running late
I think I'm putting album hours on a mixtape
Truthfully I started rapping just to pa** time
I used to write poetic lines in my black book
That gave raise to coke lines in my rap book
Dope, I think I am or I gotta be
Lay it on the line, I put my life on a melody
Love and hate go together like a frenemy

[Verse 3]
(twelve), I'm God's gift to this green earth
The message on the card says legalize the green turf
My only sin today was staring at a fat booty, hmm
I think I'm cool with my demons now
They let me pray to my father on a daily now
A friend of mine said that he don't trust the government
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Cause they don't care about the miners but the golddiggers
And all the want is your X on a piece of paper
Some people make the paper, some people chase the paper
And the latter will run their mouth with a piece of paper
Women lie, man lie, newspapers too
I don't know who to trust but this verse on this piece of paper

[Verse 4]
(sixteen), I'm 24 on a Belo beat
But whose counting cause accountants never k**ed a beat
I figured, two careers will bring in more figures
But then again these n***as ain't calling me for features
Failure, the best teacher and I'm still learning
I learnt a while ago to never break a promise
I promise, you n***as ain't heard the last of me
Cause this here is the beginning of eternity (eternity)
So what if Lyrica never blows?
Will I still kick it with my n***as with a splif to blow?
Will I become a fan on stage and watch them k** a show?
Hell yeah n***a, that's my team
S/O to Belo, Jessie and my n***a Abdul
C'Shaba, Sky, ey Over wa**up
You now tuned into my station
I'm radioactive, grandmaster of the clean flows
Is Q Lyrica

Hey, this is audio frequency

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