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PYRMDPLAZA - Yoshi lyrics

[Verse One]
Tell me what you need
That Lean them pills that weed
I'm the plug you can never knock the n***a out of socket
If it's cheap then Imma cop it
I buy more than I supply
If a n***a Trynna match then I need that hi five
Strong connect like Wi-Fi
In the whip we gonna ride
They be swerving barley merging
Really hope that you can drive
If we ain't careful we might die
But we all feel alive
b**hes Trynna cop a dime
I wonder who gonna cop the wrap
So my peoples hit the trap
Round the block we did a lap
Pa** my mans the dub sac
Now we idle to the max
Hoe relax
Hit my phone and they be asking where I'm At
What you need?
Cause you know that got sh** that's really green

Got that Yoshi
You Call me when you need it
Got that Yoshi
You Call me when you need it

[Verse Two]
Green looking Yoshi
Mario with them mushroom
All my songs ain't bout drug but you on one this song for you
f** it this bong hit for you
Got a stick it won't split in two
Cause it's all me not for you
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LSD vision is cartoon
I'm a damn fool
But I'm so cool
And the green looking like Ra's al Ghul
So good with this writing tool
Unconventional I'm like f** the rules
Money looking green
Weed is looking green
Dial my number with speed
Cause I got what you need

[Hook] x4
Got that Yoshi
You Call me when you need it
Got that Yoshi
You Call me when you need it

Buyer: Yo cap
Cap: Wa**up
Buyer: Yo I heard you got some new sh** what you got?
Cap: What new sh**?
Buyer: That Mario sh** people was talking bout
Cap: Mushrooms?
Buyer: Nah
Cap: Peach?
Buyer: Nah n***a
Cap: Toad?
Buyer: No
Cap: Bowser?
Buyer: What the f** is bows.. look I'm talking bout that Yoshi sh** cuz
Cap: Oh yeah I got that what you need
Buyer: a dub
Cap: Alright you at the crib?
Buyer: Yeah
Cap: Ard I'll be there in 10

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