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PYRMDPLAZA - Ventilate lyrics

Ask why I don't call, cuz ion't have no reason to
Ask why I don't ball, cuz ion't have no reason to
f**in wit yo bars, ion't have no reason to
Not shooting for stars, ion't have no reason to

Ion't have no, ion't ion't have no reason to (4x)

Verse (KaBoo):
Naw, ion't got a f**in reason
Bishes ask my n***as why I'm always f**in leaving
Why? Cuz ion't f** witchu I got enough to do
I got a double dose of problems that's enough for two
Or that's enough for three like I be Steph Curry
I be cheffin in the pot if she f** wit me
And she get love from me if she got love for me
What you know bout dese...
Got eem! Bills in my house like Hilary Rodham
Is sitting on my counter, I owe a lot of money
To Sallie Mae and the government, if I meet her in the club I never give my government, name
I say "they call me KaBoo," life gave me some lemons so I got us the juice
Man it's me and Jnoogs, if you wanna ride the wave then hop on the caboose and be one with the crew
Give a damn what you do, I don't have reason to
f** everything up then we throw up the deuce
Got you feeling this sh** like I spit with ma**euse
Take an L to the head but I refuse to lose, woh
Gold chalice, turn up wit my woes
No balance, Nikes on my toes
Ba** up, windows down as I ride slow
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f** with a gawd from Chicago-o-o

I never had no reason to be timid
I'm always sippin quick so I be in it
I never did believe in any limits
Like we could blow the world at any minute


Verse (J.O.)
My silver tongue, my golden bars, my platinum records
Never get it, Hendrix guitar, when I'm rockin on the microphone
My microphone historic, when I spit it
When I'm running thru the green it's all forest
Women in the whip that I'm whippin all foreign
Gorgeous! If we talking about the Benjamins you know I'm all for it
Walking wit the gawds, up with the squad
Schramm in the crib shooting video
Malt with Biddies on b roll
KaBoo hit the footwork, he off that juice
Reason in the Rhyme like a lime and Corona
Coke in my Captain, oh Captain my Captain
KaBoo pa** the bar then we all in the Lincoln
Back in the Lou in lieu of underage drinking
All in the crowd and we singing
"Know your rhyme, know your reason
Don't have no time, we out here dreaming
I'm on my grind, I'm on my grind
Know your rhyme, know your reason
Don't have no time...don't have no time
We out here dreaming

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