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PYRMDPLAZA - Ventilate Freestyle lyrics

All i'm asking for
Put me in your plans
Play it one time
Then Press rewind
All i'm asking for
Can I blow your mind (3x)

[Verse 1]
You see the lifestyle switching up
Wide smile with a cup
Ice mixed with ciroc
Guess we living good now
Never claimed to be from the hood now
Just a VI boy
The king of the capital feel my joy
Mainland cruise hard to reach like troy
But we outchea
Repoing naij hiphop
The grind don't stop till i pop
Gotta get it so we all get good
Do it for the movement
Bleed for the culture
Theres needs some transfusion
I swear
I'm here
Sitting on top on my naeto c sh**
Now these girls want prick cause i'm making all these hits
And these rappers want features
And producers want kits
I'm a boss on my bantu sh**
Don't you ever forget
These boys ain't messing with the clique like rah

I'm caught in traffic
It's kinda slow
I'm not exhausted i got it though
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I never lost it
That's what you thought
I'm trying to be unforgettable


[Verse 2]
My arrivals on time
Got a couple haters i throw the peace sign
Got a couple layers of me you can't find
Guess i'll reveal it all in due time
I've lost a few times
Living in the present no plans to rewind
I just need a beat a mic a few rhymes
I'm just trying to share my life with these lines
This is how the story goes
I never been the type to tell you lies i'm speaking fact
I know like it
Got you excited
I can still remember all those parties that hosted
Back in v.i
I was knee high
Back in v.i
But I knew that
Sometimes they kept me on cruise
I know all these dudes
I know what they do
I know all their moves
I'm faster than all you
Not trying to follow you
I'm trying to make a road
I'm trying to take control
You know i gotta keep to my code
It's bantu till the casket's close
I no fit break my oath


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