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PYRMDPLAZA - 'moonchild' lyrics

[intro: tyler coolidge]

You feel so
You feel so good babe
You swear you're down, down
Down so down
You swear you're down for me
All in your vibe, sh*t
You rep the moon like you're from there babe
You stay rollin' your eyes
But ay
Loki you know i mean all those things

[verse1: tyler coolidge]

You ain't gotta tell me twice
We ain't gotta talk every night
Never outta mind when you're outta sight
Babygurl it's our life
What they don't know ain't gonna hurt them
Pull the curtains
Put this work in with me
Get off tumblr and twitter
And get on top of this, sh*t
We not really with the politics
Black boots with the soccer pants
We all that in all black, sh*t
Yea, laid, laid up on the lo-lo
Gurl we so goals
Take dope pix, don't post those
Way i'm feelin' round you got me so focused
No bullsh*t
I got all these gift cards to olive garden
And i wanna blow them all on you
All on you

[hook: tyler coolidge]

We don't need complicated
I show you i'm 'bout you, i don't say it
Keep it lo, that's a given
Cause i hate when they get an opinion
We don't need complicated, no
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I show you i'm 'bout you, i don't say it no
Keep it lo, that's a given
Cause i hate when they have an opinion

I miss you too baby

[verse2: tyler coolidge]
Way lo, that's the wave
I don't force calling you babe
I've never felt like i've meant it
It's just been something you say
Lo, just don't get it tied
I ain't tryna hide you from no one
Go let them know that you're mine
Try me gurl, see if i care
I swear ain't sh*t that i'm scared of
We just don't make us a scene
For all this force in between us
We sho' don't force anything
We up so late that it's early babe
I wanna see you through
You beautiful human you

Every place, that we go
Strangers stare, they just know
They say we slay, hair to toe
So unbasic, we so goals
I keep my arms veiny for you
Keep my new sh*t sounding right
Cause all them boys you be bumping' kool
But they ceiling's 'bout deez nuts height
But i'm schleep
All i know, we came up
Never thanked god this much
You make me wanna go as hard as i can go
You feel so good babe
You taste so good babe



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