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PYRMDPLAZA - Cradle lyrics

[Verse One]
I ain't come here to just bullsh**
When them n***as talking it's foolish
I forever be cooling
They don't gas me I'm fueling
n***a f** the judge ruling
I wonder why your b**h choosing
If you don't like me then it's f** you with a Broomstick
And that's too sick
When this sh** hit
Yo head knock
I'll have little kids come k** you cause I Already know they got the chalk
No action but you all talk
Do my little bit but it still spark
Man You b**hes is all bark
Never see you after dark
I purchase it just like the arch
That's shoutout to Louisiana
My weed strong that's Bruce banner
Keep it clean like Danny tanner
Got a 3-D model like a cat scanner
With my n***a we hella bent
Already smoked the evident
They flip a pound just to pay the rent
This song might be for the DJ spin

[Bridge] x2
Said I never made a club hit
[Lyrics from: https:/]
But all the people vibing to it
Make a club hit are you able?
But I still got the people rocking like a cradle

Rock left rock right x8
Back & forth x16

[Verse Two]
Rocking it no Dwayne Johnson
Many songs so you got options
New formula I ain't never stopping
If the shoe fit then imma rock em
Rock bottom popping M&Ms
Wanted to quit but then again
If I keep going I know I offend
Fake friends and sneak disses
All these b**hes and b**h n***as
Always tell it how it is n***a
n***as mad cause I'm different
n***as mad they don't get it
They music shouldn't have existed
Only gotta tell em this
Get the f** off my dick

Rock left rock right x8
Back & forth x16

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