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Pyrit - Hypermixer 2012 lyrics

God is my Father, Apollo is my friend
I humbly ask that they spare me strength
I always do my best, even when I can't, I'm spent
Did a 100 Bars off the bench
Original content, we are still at the base of the mountain
Red, white and blue hard hat helmets
Green black and red standard shoulde the __ kit
Rakim said, "This is '86' nastalgic"
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Dark ___ slate, polished to reflect the face
Of a man that lived less than great
An old Indian giver who lives by a dirty a** river
They called me a dirty a** n***a
I cleaned my room and said, "How's that? Better?"
Rap style whatever, tougher than cow leather
Airlifted it to the albatross from the Tibetan mountain top
I'll be back when the next album drops
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