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PxMxWx - Alphabet b**hes lyrics

This are my b**hes, my Alpha b**hes
This are my b**hes, my Alphabet b**hes
This are my b**hes, my Alpha b**hes
This are my b**hes, my Alphabet b**hes

[Verse One]
A for Angela, a stone cold freak
Givin' up p**y seven day's a week
B is for Brenda, a nasty b**h
After the show she s**ed all our dick's and
Cathy her p**y was swell
But make her wash her p**y, cuz it has a funky smell
D is for disease, if you don't wear a rubber
Ha-Ha, stupid muthaf**a
E is for energy, that's what I need
f**in' them hoes, at a long hard speed
F is for Fran, she f**ed me like a man and
When I bust my nut, she caught it with her hand
Gwen, she's got a small throat
Cuz I shoved it down her mouth and I thought her neck broke
H is for Helen, she like's kinky s** and
She's like to put hickeys on the back of yo neck


[Verse Two]
Ivory her p**y was tight
I had a hard time f**in' her last night
J is for Janet, she like's her dick's fat
Cuz once you go black, you ain't never goin' back
K is for Kelly, with her big o'l splift
She like's it kinda of fast when you s**in' on her tits and
Linda, yeah I like it like that
She's got some good p**y, even though the b**h is fat
M is for Mary, she was screamin' like a weasel
Cuz I started bonin' her with my big cock diesel
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N is for Nancy, a p**no flick b**h
Doin' that lick, while my fingers in her splift
Olivia, yo we done that hoe damage
Cuz me n Big Daddy, made that b**h like an sandwich
P is for Pauline, and I don't wanna see her
Cuz she gave my boy E, a bad case of Gonorrhea


[Verse Three]
Quanta, yo wusup b**h?
It's about that time for you to do that lick
R for Rochelle, with her dark eye ogre and
When I'm done dickin' her eye's kind of swollen
S is for Sabrina, a s**y black b**h and
If you got time, she got a hell of splift
T is for Tina, a mysterious freak
She rock you so good, till you can't even speak
U is for you tell me, who start's with a U and
If you thinkin' of b**h, I'ma talk about her to
Vanessa, not the p**no queen
But the hoe in the hood, who s** dick real mean
W for Wanda, she rode me like a Honda and
I even played her dog, and put some dick on her Mama
X is for the way, PMW has been rated
Liked by the people, cop's we always hated
Y is for Yvette, with her big fine a**
The hoe s**'s dick with style and cla** and
Z is for Zinnia, I must comment
For finishin' my song with my dick in yo rear end b**h!

I got hoes every f**in' where I go
From A to Z f**in' them b**hes from left to right
If you wanna get a hoe, come talk to Big Man
You know what I'm sayin' cuz I got them
b**hes on my motherf**in' dick and that right baby

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